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This Week On Metro Connection: Feeling The Heat

We'll kick off the start of summer with our annual "Feeling the Heat" show.


He's An Impostor, The Navy Says About Cap'n Crunch

The cereal star was first unmasked by a food blogger, who noticed his stripes did not match his rank. Now the Navy has weighed in, saying it has no record of his service.

Free Music? Yes Please!

Rapper Jay-Z has sold a million copies of his upcoming album already - to Samsung. The mobile giant plans to give the album to select smartphone customers for free. Guest host Celeste Headlee speaks with music critic Jessica Hopper about the unique ways music is being distributed today.

Weekly Jobless Claims Rise Slightly

The level, however, remains consistent with moderate job growth.

U.S. Navy To Auction 2 Vintage Landing Craft

The Vietnam War era vessels are each 74 feet long, can hold up to 200 people and can carry a tank, if you have happen to own one. These boats were familiar sights during the Vietnam war, when they patrolled rivers and deltas and carried supplies.

Economic Growth In Europe Is Slow But Not As Slow As Before

Output in the eurozone's service and manufacturing sectors is still falling. But this quarter, that output fell at its slowest rate in more than a year, according to a recent survey. Analysts say that could mean a return to growth could be on the horizon.

Fed Warns Stimulus Package Will Be Ratcheted Down

Investors have been nervous about the Federal Reserve's intentions after hints that it might reduce its massive bond buying program. Amid volatile markets, traders and investors complained they wanted more clarity. Chairman Ben Bernanke obliged on Wednesday after a regular two-day meeting of Fed policymakers.

Founder Of Men's Wearhouse Fired By Company's Board

George Zimmer was the founder and executive chairman of the clothing retailer. For three decades, Zimmer starred in the company's commercials. His catch saying: "You're going to like the way you look. I guarantee it."

Obama Working On Plan That Limits Power Plant Emissions

The move would not require congressional approval, but it is sure to be controversial. Electric power plants are said to be responsible for nearly 40 percent of greenhouse emissions.

For Black Americans, An Even Split In Financial Perceptions

In our recent poll on African-Americans, we found that half of those surveyed were positive about their financial situations — and half weren't. That divide tracks with a difference in attitudes about many aspects of respondents' lives.