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Tepid September Jobs Report May Be Just What Markets Desire

Job growth slowed in September. The Labor Department's monthly employment report showed employers adding 148,000 jobs to payrolls. That's less than in the summer months and below the average for the year. The unemployment rate fell to 7.2 percent.

Netflix Rebounds From 2011 Stumbles By Listening To Audience

Audie Cornish talks to Brian Stelter, media reporter for The New York Times, about the success of Netflix and how the video streaming company has turned itself around.

Online Insurance Brokers Stymied Selling Obamacare Policies

Many independent health insurance brokers were supposed to be able to sell subsidized health care plans starting Oct. 1. But complications with the rollout of the Affordable Care Act have derailed the plan, and the federal government hasn't said when the problems will be fixed.

Coffee Coming Up, Nice And Hot ... And Prepared By A Robot

The 50-square-foot Coffee Haus from Briggo offers made-to-order espressos, cappuccinos and other specialty brews from direct-trade beans. Like any good neighborhood barista, it will even remember your favorite order.

Cuba To Phase Out Two-Peso Currency System

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Cuba has used either American currency or a peso that's pegged to the dollar alongside its national peso. The country says it will unify the two currencies.

Job Growth Was Disappointing, But Some See Reasons For Hope

The September jobs report showed a labor market moving forward, but at a slow pace. That may push the Federal Reserve to keep trying to stimulate the economy.

Amazon Raises Minimum Purchase For Free Shipping By $10

As the busy holiday shopping season looms, the giant retailer raised its minimum order size from $25 to $35. The change took effect Monday, the company says.

Cities Grapple With Pension Debt

Dozens of local municipalities are facing major budget issues, with pension debts getting much of the blame. And many city workers are finding their retirement funds in danger, or worse. Host Michel Martin speaks with Michael Fletcher of The Washington Post, about the issue.
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Katy Butler: "Knocking On Heaven's Door: The Path To A Better Way Of Death"

About 24 million Americans are helping care for aging parents. One woman's story of how her father's final years led her mother to defy the medical system and meet death on her own terms.


Fewer Jobs Than Expected In Sept., But Jobless Rate Fell

Though only 148,000 more people were on employers' payrolls, the unemployment rate still dipped to 7.2 percent from 7.3 percent a month earlier. The report, which was delayed more than two weeks because of the partial government shutdown, is the latest look at how the economy is faring.