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This Week On Metro Connection: Learning

As local kids head back to school, we'll bring you a show about "learning" — both inside and outside the classroom.


Economy Was Stronger Than Thought In Second Quarter

There's been a sharp upward revision in the estimate of how fast gross domestic product expanded. Stronger exports helped push GDP up at a 2.5 percent annual rate.

Largest Strike So Far By Fast-Food Workers Set For Thursday

In 50 cities across the nation, many employees at fast-food restaurants have pledged to walk out. They're hoping to draw attention to their campaign for an increase in the minimum wage.

Hello Kitty: Updated Monopoly Game Available

The Monopoly game hitting store shelves contains a sleek kitty, which will join the classic Scottie dog and top hat. Fans adopted the cat in an online vote earlier this year. The company shelved the iron after a 78 year run.

In Colombia, Starbucks To Take On Juan Valdez

Seattle-based coffee giant Starbucks has announced it's going to expand to Colombia — a country known for its Arabica beans and for the mythical coffee farmer Juan Valdez. He's helped sell Colombia's coffee for 50 years.

Ford Fusion Cruises Off Dealers' Lots

Ford is ramping up production of the popular midsized car. The automaker is adding 1,400 workers, and a second shift at one of its Detroit area plants. The Fusion has helped deliver the best numbers the automaker has seen since 2006.

Why A Seattle Restaurant Owner Is Against 'Living Wage' Laws

Fast food workers across the country have been protesting for higher pay. And in many cities, there are movements to create "living wage" laws. Renee Montagne talks to Seattle restaurateur Tom Douglas about how he decided to raise wages for his dishwashers and cooks.

In Spain, You Have To Pay To Play

Bunol, Spain, held its annual La Tomatina food fight on Wednesday. About 20,000 people pelted each other with tomatoes. Money is tight in Spain these days, with the country deep in recession. So for the first time, participants had to pay for the right to smear each other with some 130 tons of overripe, dripping produce.

For Restaurant Workers, A Struggle To Put Food On The Table

Fast food and restaurant work used to be seen as an entry point for the young. Today, the average such employee is 29, and nearly a quarter are parents. For these workers, current wages are hardly enough to support them, let alone their families.

To Attract Millennials, Automakers Look To Smartphones

Automakers have set up shop in Silicon Valley and are looking to the digital world as a way to lure younger drivers. Car companies are looking outside their industry to learn how make cars an extension of all the services millennials already love.