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Landmark Mall To Get A New Lease On Life

One of Northern Virginia's emptiest shopping malls is about to get a makeover, but it comes at the expense of some tenants.


Breaking Into The Business World With 'Woman-Friendly' Model

Entrepreneur Dame Stephanie Shirley founded a software company in 1962. She wanted to approach the tech industry in a new way, opening the field for more women to join in.

Facebook Bug Exposed Contact Information Stored On Profiles

The company says it has fixed the problem, which allowed users who were downloading data from the site to see email addresses and phone numbers for other people.

Judge Shaves 10 Years From Ex-Enron CEO's Prison Sentence

Jeffrey Skilling, convicted in 2006 on conspiracy, fraud and insider trading charges related to the collapse of the Houston-based energy company, could go free in 2017.

NSA Leak Could Be Bad Business For U.S. Tech Companies

Revelations that Google, Microsoft and other tech companies have been providing user data to the National Security Agency may have tainted those companies' reputations for independence. Those companies share information with the government, often voluntarily. In the process, many have earned the status of "trusted partners."

The Kendama: Can A Wooden Toy Be A Viral Sensation?

The kendama is a traditional wooden toy, but its appeal is spreading rapidly.

Online Sales Cost Cities And Counties Billions In Taxes, Mayors Say

Among the cities studied, New York City is estimated to have missed out on the most amount of money, at more than $205 million in 2012. The U.S. Mayors' Conference says it's a reason to back the Marketplace Fairness Act; not everyone agrees.

Pirate Bay Co-Founder Gets Two Years For Hacking And Fraud

Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, 28, was convicted of stealing personal information from a Swedish bank and a U.K.-based consultancy.

Book News: Apple, DOJ Tussle As Ebook Price Fixing Trial Ends

Also: An Oklahoma salesman is accused of stealing $2.8 million in textbooks; Joseph Epstein on why Kafka is overrated.

House Votes Down 5-Year Farm Bill

Members of the House on Thursday rejected the measure, studded with Republican priorities. In the past, the farm bill has been a model of bipartisan support. But defections in both parties spelled the bill's doom.