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Three Ways To Totally Transform U.S. Immigration Policy

Economists dream big: open borders, visa auctions or preferential access for high-skilled workers.

Defense Cuts May No Longer Be Political Sacred Cow

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has said the looming automatic spending cuts will damage U.S. national security. But the warnings don't appear to be moving the needle with lawmakers or the American public.

Google's Glass Project: Can You Make The Grade?

The company is seeking testers for Google Glass, an augmented technology eyewear. Applicants who are selected for the program will be allowed to buy the device for $1,500.

Cash-Strapped Postal Service To Launch A New Clothing Line

In its search for new revenue streams, the Postal Service is getting creative. Its entered into a licensing agreement for a new apparel and accessories line called Rain Heat & Snow.

Japan: Probe Of Battery Fire On Boeing 787 Finds Improper Wiring

Japan says an auxiliary battery was improperly connected to the main battery that overheated, forcing an emergency landing.

OfficeMax, Office Depot Confirm Merger Deal

The two companies hope that by coming together they'll be in better position to compete with Staples and others. What will the stores be called? That hasn't been decided.

Single-Family Housing Starts Edged Up In January

The housing sector has been among the economy's bright spots. The news about single-family homes is a sign that trend will continue.

Law Change Makes It Harder To Unlock Cellphones

A copyright ruling from the Library of Congress covers whether people may buy a phone from one carrier and then use it with another. A recent change makes it illegal to unlock a phone, or untie it from the original carrier, without permission. But some people are petitioning the White House to undo that change.