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When Stress Takes Over, Employee Burnout Can Set In

Burnout, often a result of stress in an increasingly demanding workplace, can weigh on employees' mental and physical well-being. The federal workforce is seeing a particularly high rate of turnover, causing agencies to lose its most experienced leaders and staff with the most potential.

Making It On Minimum Wage

Joanna Cruz, a New Jersey mother of three who works as a cook at a convenience store, wrote in an online essay that "too often, people think that individuals on public assistance programs are lazy. I would like for them to spend one day in my shoes." She shares what it's like to support a family on minimum wage with guest host Wade Goodwyn.
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Minimum Wage Increase On The Table In Montgomery County

A bill that would increase the minimum wage in Montgomery County to $12 an hour is being considered, despite possible objections from the county's business community.


Taking The Battle Against Patent Trolls To The Public

Radio and print ads launched this week warn of damage wrought by so-called patent trolls. Business groups and software developers say patents are being used as legal weapons in a tactic that costs the economy tens of billions of dollars a year.

Apple Stores Launch Trade-In Program For Used iPhones

People hoping to upgrade their old iPhone for a newer model now have the option of trading in their phone to get credit toward a new device at an Apple store. The technology company announced the new option Friday, ahead of the expected Sept. 10 release of updates to its iPhone line.

Firms Brace For Possible Retaliatory Cyberattacks From Syria

Cybersecurity consultants say their phones are ringing off the hook, with U.S. companies fearing that if it comes to an attack on Syria, they could find themselves on the front lines.

Facebook's Latest Privacy Changes: Tag, You're You

Under the new rules, Facebook is expanding its use of facial recognition, making it easier for you, your friends and acquaintances to tag your likeness in their pictures. A bigger facial recognition database could allow Facebook to collect more data about whom we are interacting with in the real world.

Bag It, Trader Joe's Tells 'Pirate' Grocer In Canada

Faced with a lack of Trader Joe's stores, Canadian shoppers turned to Pirate Joe's, a grocery stocked with products bought across the border. In response, the big chain filed a lawsuit. Shop owner Mike Hallatt says he would happily shut down — if Trader Joe's went north.

More Americans Are In The Mood To Travel For Labor Day

As the U.S. economy improves, people are eager for one last summer adventure, according to trade groups that track travel. Labor Day weekend travel is expected to jump by 4.2 percent over last year.

Secret U.S. Spy Budget Revealed

On Thursday, The Washington Post reported on U.S. spy agencies' $52.6 billion secret budget for fiscal year 2013. The information is said to be included in leaks by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.