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Pizza Hut Rethinks Debate Promotion

The company offered 30 years' worth of pizza to anybody at Tuesday night's presidential town hall meeting who asks the candidates, "Sausage or pepperoni?" Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert asked, "What could be more American than using our electoral process for product placement?"

Who's The Richest Person In History?

Nearly 700 years after he ruled the Mali Empire, King Mansa Musa has been awarded the title of richest person in history. Personal fortune: $400 billion. That's according to a new inflation-adjusted list compiled by Celebrity Net Worth.

Renters No More: Newbies Lured To Homeownership

With mortgage rates near rock bottom and housing prices stable, many fence-sitters are jumping into the home market and leaving the world of renting behind. But first, they have to get approved for a loan.

Snoop Dogg Touts Hot Pockets

Snoop Dogg — who announced his reincarnation as Snoop Lion over the summer — is the newest spokesman for the microwaveable processed turnovers. In 2004, he had a hit, "Drop It Like It's Hot." Now he sings "Pocket Like It's Hot."

Vets Seek Specifics On How Candidates Would Help

Military veterans across the country have a whole range of concerns this election season, from the high rate of suicide to special challenges for female vets. But like everyone else, they're especially concerned with health care and jobs.

Calendar Check: Black Friday Is Getting Closer

Black Friday is more than a month away but companies are already announcing significant seasonal hiring plans. The National Retail Federation says it expects strong holiday sales this year. Amazon has announced it's hiring 50,000 workers, and will keep thousands on after the holidays.

A Check On How The Fall TV Season Is Going

With the fall television season well under way, Renee Montagne talks to reporter Kim Masters about how the broadcast networks and their new shows are faring. Masters is editor-at-large for The Hollywood Reporter and host of The Business on member station KCRW.