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The Brain Of The Beast: Google Reveals The Computers Behind The Cloud

For years, Google has kept mostly silent about the technology that has made it one of the leaders in cloud computing. Now, for the first time, Google has opened the doors of its data centers to the outside.

Home Health Aides: In Demand, Yet Paid Little

The home care workforce is one of the nation's fastest growing, yet its 2.5 million members — nearly all women — are also among the worst paid. With fears of a labor shortage as baby boomers age, there are efforts to make the job more attractive.

Citigroup CEO's Exit Leaves Wall Street Scratching Its Head

An immediate resignation is "not the way boards do things," one analyst said about the confounding news.

Farmer Tackling Monsanto's Seed Policy Gets A Day In Supreme Court

Whether food giant Monsanto's practice of patenting crop seeds is legal when farmers have little opportunity to find alternatives may finally get a review from the Supreme Court this year. It has agreed to hear a case in which a farmer planting Monsanto seeds without paying.

Can College Students Handle Their Own Finances?

America's student loan debt is more than one trillion dollars, according to government agencies. Now, a former professor says high schools and colleges need to do more to help students manage their debt load. Host Michel Martin speaks with writer Laura McKenna about her online op-ed for The Atlantic.

5 Questions 'Real' People Might Ask At The Debate

With the election just three weeks away, many voters are still scratching their heads, wondering what exactly the candidates would do to improve the economy. Audience members at Tuesday night's presidential debate could focus on economic topics such as home prices, gasoline, wages, exports and jobs.

Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit Steps Down

It was a surprise announcement by the board, which also said Michael Corbat would take over the job.

Pizza Hut Rethinks Debate Promotion

The company offered 30 years' worth of pizza to anybody at Tuesday night's presidential town hall meeting who asks the candidates, "Sausage or pepperoni?" Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert asked, "What could be more American than using our electoral process for product placement?"