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Sequester Countdown Clock Keeps Ticking

Automatic spending cuts are scheduled to take effect Friday. Over time, the across-the-board spending cuts could slow economic growth and lead to hundreds of thousands of government employees going out on furlough.

Better Than Nothing? GDP Revised From Slight Drop To Slight Gain

The economy barely grew in the fourth quarter of 2012, the government now says. But that's better than what it thought before — that the economy had contracted. Meanwhile, the number of people applying for jobless benefits fell last week.

Experts Boil Telecommuting Decisions Down To Flexibility Vs. Serendipity

Yahoo touched off a debate about the effectiveness of telecommuting when it told employees last week that they may no longer work from home. The policy change was made, according to the company's internal email, to enhance workplace collaboration.

Budweiser May Seem Watery, But It Tests At Full Strength, Lab Says

Class-action lawsuits accuse Anheuser-Busch of watering down Budweiser and other beers and then misleading consumers about their alcohol content. The company denies the claims; in tests commissioned by NPR, samples of Budweiser were found to be in line with their advertised alcohol content.

Does Working From Home Work? It Helps If You Like Your Teammates

Marissa Mayer's decision to ban working from home at Yahoo has sparked a debate about the effectiveness of teleworking. NPR's Steve Henn, who works a fragmented schedule from his Silicon Valley home, says research on what works is mixed, but success largely depends on the job and whom you're collaborating with.

Economists See Budget Cuts Putting The Recovery At Risk

Nearly all economists in a recent poll believe growth is "likely to be negatively affected" by the automatic federal spending cuts set to go into effect starting Friday. The $85 billion in cuts could have wide-ranging impacts, from military spending to consumer confidence.