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Why The Dearth Of Black Commediennes In 'SNL' Cast?

Scandal star Kerry Washington's turn hosting NBC's Saturday Night Live this Saturday has revived criticism of the show's lack of black female cast members. The issue was raised earlier this year when SNL announced five new cast members — four male, all white. The show's lack of black women — only three have ever been cast in 38 years — forces the show's black males to dress as black women, which echoes historic, demeaning issues for black male comics. It also keeps SNL from featuring black female characters and keeps black women from entering the farm team of America's comedy elite who launch their careers there.
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Emergency Plan Helps Ocean City Bounce Back From Storm Damage

Ocean City, Md., has had success bouncing back from Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy in consecutive years — which has helped the city refine its plan.


Rule Change Allows Rollover For Flexible Spending Accounts

The rule modification for FSAs means that workers can now carry over up to $500 into the next calendar year without being penalized.

Tech Week That Was: Kids And Screens, NSA And Our Data

This week we learned that the scope of surveillance by the National Security Agency reportedly includes Google and Yahoo data centers. We also explored the subject of kids and technology. And as it heads toward its initial public stock offering, Twitter gave itself a new look.

London Wants To Be A Center Of Islamic Finance. Why?

Prime Minister David Cameron says the U.K. could issue Islamic bonds as early as next year. The country is already the biggest Islamic finance center outside the Muslim world, and Islamic financing was used to build the Olympic Village. But most important, the sector is expected to grow threefold globally by 2017.

How Much Is NPR's Brand Worth? $400 Million!*

The value of a brand doesn't include anything physical. It's just the name of the company — and all of the customer loyalty attached to that name.

Can Starbucks Do For Tea What It Has Done For Coffee?

Starbucks recently bought the Teavana chain and has opened its first tea bar in New York City. Some say the beverage giant's move into tea could hurt small tea shops. But others say they'll be in a good position to compete the way independent coffee shops compete with Starbucks.

More Foreign Firms Look To Make It In The USA

Despite the Great Recession, slow recovery and political dysfunction in Washington, the United States remains a top destination for the world's wealth. The Obama administration is urging foreign business leaders to build more plants and offices in this country.

Economic, Political Volatility Cloud Housing Recovery

The housing market is working through the remnants of the financial crisis, and until recently the sector's recovery seemed to be on track. But recent drama in the national economy has left consumers reluctant to buy, experts say.

Delta CEO: Washington's Fiscal Gridlock Is Holding U.S. Back

With economic uncertainties in Washington, how is big business planning for the future? Robert Siegel talks to Delta Airlines CEO Richard Anderson about whether he's planning to grow his company or put off investments until the economy evens out.