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The Life Cycle Of A Social Network: Keeping Friends In Times Of Change

Facebook has unveiled a redesign of its News Feed, but any social network knows that drastic changes come with risks. Just look at Friendster, a site that fizzled after changes to the interface and a subsequent exodus made it less valuable to users.

If A Driverless Car Crashes, Who's Liable?

Technology isn't the only hurdle for computer-driven cars.

News Corp. Education Tablet: For The Love Of Learning?

The Amplify tablet is specially designed for K-12 classroom interaction. While the company touts the ability to improve teaching and learning, critics have questioned News Corp.'s motives.

The Scariest Jobs Chart Ever Isn't Scary Enough

America's still-awful job market, in two charts.

China's Citizens Hide As Much As $2.34 Trillion In Income, Researcher Says

China's citizens do not report as much as $2.34 trillion of what they make every year, hiding "gray income" that represents nearly 20 percent of the country's GDP, Chinese economics scholar Wang Xiaolu says, in a report from the news site Global Voices.

Startup Wants To Redefine How Local Foods Get To Your Door

Demand for local foods is growing, but in many places, there still aren't efficient networks for getting them to consumers. A San Francisco startup called Good Eggs is trying out a new model: It's acting as the middleman, letting customers order from lots of different local producers and then delivering straight to their homes.
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Does The D.C. Of The Future Need Parking?

D.C. is on the verge of entering a big fight over cars and parking, as zoning officials consider whether to allow developers not to include parking spaces in all new buildings.


Mixed Signals: Jobless Claims Dip; Layoff Plans Rise

As many eyes turn to Friday's employment report, new data offer a somewhat conflicting picture.
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Old Town Businesses Bemoan Losses From Snowquester

The snow accumulation yesterday may have been unspectacular for those inside the Beltway, but for owners of small business, the effects were no less noticeable.