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Joan Crawford's Oscar Sells At Auction

When Joan Crawford was nominated for Best Actress for the movie Mildred Pierce, she was so nervous that she skipped the Academy Awards ceremony. Tuesday night, her Oscar sold at auction for $426,732.

Ford Announes Job Cuts In Europe

Sales in the European Union are down 12 percent this year and Bloomberg reports "a few hundred" workers, mostly in Germany and the United Kingdom will be getting the axe. And pioneering electric car maker Tesla Motors has announced it's selling 5 million shares to raise much needed cash.

Drinking (Coffee) On The Job: Restaurant Workers, Women Lead The Way

Cooks and servers, scientists and sales reps — those are some of the workers who say they perform better after drinking coffee. People who work as nurses, journalists, and teachers also say they're more effective if they have coffee, in a survey from Dunkin Donuts and CareerBuilder.

Greek Olive Oil Woes Echo Country's Broader Economic Challenges

Greek businessmen say the country has never managed to properly market its prized olive oil. They say many of the country's business practices will have to change if it is to become a player on the world market.

Two Plans For Fixing The Economy, But Few Details

Neither President Obama nor Republican challenger Mitt Romney has offered many specifics on how to fix the economy. But economists say that, based on what we do know, the candidates offer very different visions for spurring growth.

More Positive News On Housing: Prices Rose For Third Straight Month

"We are more optimistic about housing," says economist David Blitzer, who directs the S&P/Case-Shiller survey.

Kellogg Signs Deal With Singapore Firm

The joint venture will manufacture and distribute Kellogg brands like Frosted Flakes into China. The Chinese don't have a tradition of eating breakfast cereal, and turning them into cereal lovers may be tough because of deadly scandals involving tainted milk.