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BlackBerry To Slash Workforce Amid $1 Billion Loss

The company plans to cut 40 percent, or 4,500 workers, as it continues to reel from a dramatic loss of market share to smartphone makers such as Apple.

Tech Week That Was: New iOS Design And Grand Theft Auto

The week brought new iPhones, iOS 7, Grand Theft Auto V and conversations about how social media are benefiting our brains. And federal regulators are weighing whether phones can be unlocked legally so that consumers can more easily move them between carriers.
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"Miss Manners Minds Your Business:" Etiquette In The Workplace

Whether you're a cubicle dweller or occupy a corner office, proper protocol in the office has changed drastically in recent years. Enter Miss Manners, aka Judith Martin, who takes on everything from email etiquette to office dress codes in a new book.


Joy Covey, Who Was Key To's Success, Dies

As the Internet retailer's chief financial officer, she led its initial public offering in 1997. Founder Jeff Bezos has said Covey was Amazon's primary contact with Wall Street during critical years. Wednesday, she died after her bicycle collided with a van. Covey was 50.

Nation's Largest Mortgage Provider Downsizes

Wells Fargo has told 1,800 employees their services will no longer be needed in the bank's mortgage unit. The bank already cut more than 2,000 jobs in that unit last month. Wells Fargo cites lower demand for refinancing because of higher mortgage rates.

Hiroshi Yamauchi Dies At 85, Expanded Nintendo

In 1949, Hiroshi Yamauchi left school to take over Nintendo after his grandfather died. He made it a dominate force in the game industry. He retired as president in 2002. He died on Thursday in Japan.

Why Companies And CEOs Rarely Admit To Wrongdoing

JPMorgan Chase revealed last year that some traders in London concealed losing $6 billion. The company has agreed to pay $900 million in fines, but federal regulators also forced the bank to admit to wrongdoing. One analyst says admitting mistakes tarnishes your reputation.

Female Fans Love New Grand Theft Auto Despite Demeaning Content

Grand Theft Auto V took in more than $800 million in sales on its first day in stores. The edgy and violent adventure game series isn't just a hit with young men: A significant number of women play, though some of them are disappointed the new release doesn't feature prominent female characters.

Cashing In On The Fantasy-Sports Economy

People paid $1.7 billion to play in fantasy leagues last year. Real businesses are springing up to try to profit from the fantasy economy.

House Nears Vote To Fund Government, Defund Obamacare

The Republican-controlled House is set to vote Friday on a stopgap spending bill to keep the government open for business through the middle of December. And the White House has already said if it makes it to the president's desk, he'll veto it. That's because the bill also would defund the Affordable Care Act.