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Palm Oil In The Food Supply: What You Should Know

Health concerns surrounding trans fats led many food manufacturers to abandon partially hydrogenated oils. Palm oil has helped fill the void. But guess what? It's high in saturated fat.
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The Future Of Georgetown

One of D.C.'s most venerable neighborhoods is contemplating it's future in a changing city. Kojo explores historic Georgetown's efforts to envision the future.


White House Economics: Growing 'From The Middle Class Out'

President Obama is putting out a message of economic revitalization, starting with the middle class. Cecilia Munoz, Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, explains why the executive branch is pushing the message now. She speaks with guest host Celeste Headleee.

White House Talks Income Gap: New Ideas About Old Problems?

President Obama's economic speaking tour seems reminiscent of campaign speeches in 2008. Guest host Celeste Headlee asks NPR's Ron Elving why the White House is sending this message again.

Cowboys Stadium No More: With Deal, It Is Now AT&T Stadium

The deal is rumored to be worth millions and is already stirring controversy because it drops "Cowboys" from the stadium name.

The FDA Doesn't Want Chickens To Explore The Great Outdoors

The FDA's new proposal aims to reduce the risk that chickens will pick up salmonella from wildlife and lay contaminated eggs. But the proposal could make it much harder for organic farmers who believe in keeping their free-range birds on true pastures.

Big Coup For One Of The Big Three: Impala Called Best Sedan

For the first time since Consumer Reports began making such comparisons in 1992, a sedan made by one of the USA's traditional car companies has gotten the magazine's highest rating.

Feds Charge SAC Capital In Insider Trading Case

But billionaire hedge fund owner Steven Cohen was not hit with criminal charges. SAC is charged with one count of wire fraud and four counts of securities fraud in connection with alleged insider trading by "numerous employees."

Jobless Claims Rose Last Week; Key Orders Up In June

While there was a small increase in the number of people filing first-time claims for unemployment insurance, the rise was largely due to annual shutdowns for retooling at car plants. Meanwhile, orders for durable goods rose last month.

Full-Time Vs. Part-Time Workers: Restaurants Weigh Obamacare

With the new health care law on the horizon, the restaurant industry is looking carefully at the looming health insurance requirements. Some national chains are looking at ways of limiting the new law's impact on the bottom line, while other restaurant owners say the new law won't change much for them.