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Women On The Board Make For Better Business

The last word in business: women's intuition. Research shows that the stocks of companies that include women on their board of directors do better than companies with all-male boards. Renee Montagne and Steve Inskeep explain the report.

In N.Y.C., Private Sector To Invest In Social Issues

New York City officials are experimenting with a new way to fund social programs normally paid for with tax dollars. New York City officials say the prison intervention program could keep many of the nearly four thousand adolescent males that enter the jail system each year from returning. WNYC's Colby Hamilton reports Goldman Sachs is set to make a nearly $10 million investment in a social impact bond.

States Ask Detroit: 'Build Us A Natural Gas Car, Please'

A bipartisan group of governors is pushing U.S. automakers to build a sedan that runs on compressed natural gas. The states say they will buy them in large quantities as they replace their current fleets. The governors say the cars would cost less to run, cut pollution and create jobs. And it would boost demand for natural gas, which has seen a plummet in price.

Its Financial Future In Question, Facebook Tries To Tell A Different Story

Facebook's stock has lost nearly half its value since the company went public. Many analysts are skeptical about Facebook's future as a business. Now it's trying to change the narrative, launching a site devoted to stories showing the different ways people use Facebook. They include a man in India trying to rebuild his life after losing his memory.

Extreme Makeover, Potato Edition

Will tomorrow's U.S. supermarket stock 10 kinds of potatoes? Potato geneticist Chuck Brown hopes so. He's been working to introduce the American market to purple, orange and red potato varieties, and bring back the sizzle potatoes once enjoyed.

What Can We Do To Fix The Economy?

NPR asked four economists to dream a little. If they could set aside the partisanship in Washington and do one thing to fix what they see as the economy's biggest problem — what would it be? Of course, even the potential solutions have downsides.
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D.C. Dives: Inside the Quarry House Tavern

In our second installment of D.C. Dives, we ramble into the basement of an Indian restaurant to visit the historic Quarry House Tavern.

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Working A Shift With A Veteran Lifeguard

We tag along on a shift with veteran lifeguard Devin Rudnick.