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At Silicon Valley Boot Camp, A Startup's Success

Only 1 percent of high-tech startups in Silicon Valley are run by African-Americans. The number of women is less than 10 percent. The NewME minority accelerator is trying to change the face of the industry by encouraging, mentoring and training women and minorities to test their ideas in the high-tech and venture capital world.

When The Ship Comes In To Brownsville, Rip It Up

Over the past two decades, the landlocked city of Brownsville, Texas, has become the hub of the U.S. ship recycling industry. Ships from tankers to aircraft carriers are dismantled and stripped of reusable metals. And despite the world economic slowdown, it's still a highly lucrative business.

Plant Pleads To Stay Afloat, But Army Says 'No Tanks'

M1 Abrams battle tanks are the rock stars of military armor and are made in only one place: Lima, Ohio. The Army says it is done ordering them, but Congress appears intent on spending millions for more, arguing that cutting production is bad for the economy and national security.

Apple Just Made $9 Billion (And Investors Are Mad)

Apple made nearly $9 billion in profits in three months — more than Mongolia produced in all of 2011. Investors aren't happy.
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Reduced Zoning Restriction Passed For 'Mega' Gas Stations

The Montgomery County Planning Board approved new zoning restrictions for "mega" gas stations like the one planned for a Costco in Wheaton, but the buffer approved is less than residents would have liked.


Offshore Jobs Play Role In Campaigns And Economy

In politics, offshoring and outsourcing are dirty words. President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney have traded attacks over the issue of American jobs being moved overseas. But economists tend to see the trend as inevitable in a modern global economy.

Want Free Wi-Fi In New York? Get Near A Pay Phone

Some pay phones offer free Wi-Fi as part of New York City's experiment to breathe new life into its abandoned public phones. As the city plans to add more wireless-enabled kiosks, companies say advertising may pay for the Wi-Fi — and maybe even for free phone calls.