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Refinancing: How To Wade Through The Choppy Waters

Interest rates on mortgages are at an all-time low. But refinancing can be a daunting process. Financial guru and author Louis Barajas speaks with guest host Viviana Hurtado about the ins and outs of refinancing, and what consumers can do to make the process go more smoothly.

Cuba Examines Asian Model For Economic Reforms

Cuba is one of the world's last remaining communist states. Cuba's allies in China and Vietnam also maintain firm one-party rule, but have prospered by introducing market principles to their economic models.

Health Law Gives Medicare Fraud Fighters New Weapons

Criminals who defraud public health care programs to the tune of billions of dollars a year are now up against sophisticated computer systems designed to catch them. But the new efforts may yield far more leads than the current team of investigators and analysts can handle.

Nike Set To Release Its Priciest Shoe

The latest Lebron James-branded basketball shoe — the Lebron X Nike Plus — is expected to retail for $315, according to The Wall Street Journal. That apparently includes some motion sensing technology that can record how high players jump while wearing them.

UCLA's MBA Program Wants To Give Up State Funds

The proposal would make the Anderson School of Management more autonomous and financially independent of the University of California system. But critics — including some faculty — worry the move means the school will stray from its public mission.

Drought Dries Up Crops, But Not Airline Schedules

The scorching Midwest drought has caused crop prices to soar. But the dry weather is benefiting airlines, whose on-time performance has improved this summer, leading to fewer customer complaints and healthier profits.

Apple Boots Microsoft Out Of Top Capitalization Spot

Apple has surpassed Microsoft as the most valuable company ever. That happened when Apple stock hit $665 per share Monday — boosting its market value to nearly $624 billion. Microsoft had held the record for market capitalization since 1999.