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Will Emergency Manager Help Or Hurt Detroit?

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder announced last week that he'll appoint an emergency manager for the city of Detroit. That means an unelected person will have sweeping powers to try to stop Detroit's financial hemorrhaging.

'Consumer Reports' Offers Tips For Doing Taxes Online

More self-preparation tools have become available this tax season. Some people may be anxious about doing their taxes online, but an expert from Consumer Reports says it's worth a shot.
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Massachusetts Company Awarded Jack's Boathouse Site

The National Park Service has selected a Massachusetts-based company to replace the historic boathouse serving kayakers along the Potomac River in Georgetown.


How The Sequester Will (Or Won't) Affect Wall Street

Wall Street hardly seemed rattled by the $85 billion across-the-board spending cuts that went into effect Friday. As just one indicator, the Dow closed the week within 100 points of hitting an all-time high. For more, host Scott Simon talks with New York Times columnist Joe Nocera.

Florida Atlantic Donation Sparks Outrage, But University Doesn't Budge

The university's new stadium will be named after a private prison company. The GEO Group gave FAU a $6 million gift that "delighted" the administration but prompted protests from students. Friday, university President Mary Jane Saunders said the deal was a "closed book," despite allegations of abuse at the company's institutions.

FCC To Examine Federal Ban On Unlocking Cellphones

Chairman Julius Genachowski said he is unsure if his agency has the authority to review laws passed, but he said he was concerned that the ban might be harmful to competition.

Actor Sues Publisher Over 'Office Space' Flair

Todd Duffey is suing the publisher Perseus which sells a book and a collection of buttons called the Office Space Box of Flair, inspired by the 1999 movie. Duffey doesn't like that his face appears on the cover of the book and on one of the buttons in the collection.