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Avocado-Fed Pork? Why Animal Feed Is Going Gourmet

Some farmers say they are willing to shoulder the extra cost and time of specialty feed because they're turned off by conventional feed mixes. A few will even take custom feed requests from chefs and diners.

Bikini Baristas And Sexist Sausages: Food Marketing Gone Wrong

In over-caffeinated Washington state, police have raided a chain of coffee stands where the scantily clad baristas were allegedly serving up way more than espressos. Meanwhile, in Germany, a plan to serve up "his and her" bratwurst proves sexist and ham-headed.

China's 'Shadow Banking' And How It Threatens The Economy

China's economic growth has been fueled by bank loans that flow freely. But during the latest bout of turmoil, China's central bank indicated that it may no longer lend so quickly and cheaply. The so-called shadow banking sector is of particular concern.

Can Africa Manage Its Own Growth?

Africa may be seeing lots of economic growth, but one group says there aren't enough business leaders to manage it. That's something the African Management Initiative is trying to change. Host Michel Martin finds out how it plans to train one million managers over the next decade.

Feds Bust Drug Websites Masquerading As Big-Name Chains

The Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. attorney's office in Colorado cracked down on more than 1,600 websites that the feds say are breaking the law in the way they're selling prescription drugs, some of them counterfeits.
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Mark Tercek: "Nature's Fortune"

Kojo chats with Mark Tercek, president and CEO of the Nature Conservancy, about the areas where he believes the interests of the environmental movement overlap with those of "Corporate America."


Who Are These 'Bankers' Ecuador Keeps Referencing?

Ecuador says the U.S. refuses to extradite two bankers who allegedly embezzled millions from a bailout. Officials keep referring to their request in relation to the Edward Snowden case.

Agencies Continue To Identify Fallout From Sequestration

The last of the mandated federal budget cuts begin in July. Federal agencies have had to work around furloughs and other issues. For more on the effects of sequestration, David Greene talks to NPR's Brian Naylor, Tamara Keith, Pam Fessler and Larry Abramson.

Justice Department Files Charges Against Chinese Company

The Department of Justice says China's Sinovel stole more than $800 million worth of intellectual property from U.S. company AMSC. Sinovel makes wind turbines. AMSC is seeking more than $1 billion in damages.

Connecticut Fights With North Carolina Over First In Flight

Anyone who's seen a North Carolina license plate knows the state proudly claims itself as the site of the first airplane flight. But this week, Connecticut said not so fast. The state passed a law declaring it was home to the first flight.