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Obama Announces Trade Africa Initiative

President Obama is preparing to conclude his trip to Africa. The last leg of his trip is Tanzania, where he continues to press U.S. companies to invest in Africa. A new initiative is going to try to get rid of the road blocks that slow down trade in Africa.

Trade Talks Threatened By Allegations U.S. Spied On E.U.

Europe is in an uproar over revelations that U.S. intelligence services are spying on the European Union mission in New York and its embassy in Washington. The new allegations come from the latest secret U.S. National Security Agency documents leaked by Edward Snowden.

To Make Hearing Aids Affordable, Firm Turns On Bluetooth

Traditional hearing aids can be too expensive for many people. But a new type that uses Bluetooth technology costs only about $300. The company that makes the new devices aims to reach millions of people around the world who need hearing aids but have trouble paying for them.

Top Vatican Bank Officials Resign

The resignations came just days after a senior cleric with ties to the institution was arrested after being caught with about $26 million in cash he was trying to bring into Italy from Switzerland. Pope Francis recently set up a special commission of inquiry to resolve the bank's problems.

An Online Upstart Roils French Media, Politics

The Web newspaper Mediapart is turning conventional wisdom about the Internet and journalism on its head. It offers in-depth reporting without fluff or advertising. The publication is turning a profit, and creating an uproar in a country where the media has often been too cozy with power.

San Franciscos Bay Area Rapid Transit Grinds To A Halt

Two of San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit's largest unions went on strike after weekend talks with management failed to produce a new contract. The move ensures a nightmarish journey ahead for Monday commuters.

School Accused Of Driving Up Art Work Auction Price

A wealthy New York couple is suing their son's kindergarten, claiming they were tricked into paying $50,000 for a finger painting done by a group of five-year-olds — including their son. The couple was out of town during the school's benefit auction, so they instructed a proxy to make sure they made the highest bid. The couple claim the school rigged the auction by having a first-grade teacher drive up the price.

U.S. Investors, Businesses Hesitant To Set Up In Africa

President Obama's trip to Africa comes at a time of increasing African economic growth and declining U.S. influence on the continent. To be successful, he will need to overcome a general perception that the United States has withdrawn from Africa. At the same time, he must convince an American public and private sector that getting more invested in Africa will be good for American jobs and the economy.

Alabama County Files Plan To Exit Bankruptcy

Creditors are going to lose up to 70 cents of every dollar they're owed by Jefferson County, Ala. The county earned the title of largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history after a sewer financing deal went awry.
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Frager's Fire Deemed Accidental, Caused By Smoking Material

Officials say the fire that heavily damaged Frager's Hardware store on Capitol Hill was caused by carelessly discarded smoking material.