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Chinese Ag Scientists Charged With Stealing Patented Seeds

Two men are charged in Kansas and six others in Iowa with conspiring to steal patented seeds from some of the nation's leading seed developers.

House Approves Budget Deal; Compromise Heads To Senate

The two-year deal passed despite opposition from Republicans who are part of the Tea Party faction. It was announced earlier this week, after being pounded out by Rep. Paul Ryan R-Wis., and Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash.

Why Meningitis That Hit Princeton Is Hard To Beat With Vaccines

It turns out that the bacteria that are responsible meningitis B have a sugar coating that makes them look a lot like human cells. That similarity makes development of a vaccine against the germs especially tricky.

Photojournalists Push White House For Better Access To Obama

Reporters gave White House Press Secretary Jay Carney a tough time Thursday over the way in which the administration controls President Obama's image. In this case literally, by severely limiting the situations in which professional photojournalists get to take pictures of the president. News organizations have formally protested.
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"Miss Manners Minds Your Business:" Etiquette In The Workplace (Rebroadcast)

Whether you're a cubicle dweller or occupy a corner office, proper protocol in the office has changed drastically in recent years. Enter Miss Manners, aka Judith Martin, who takes on everything from email etiquette to office dress codes in a new book.


Social Supermarkets A 'Win-Win-Win' For Europe's Poor

Part discount grocer, part social service agency, the supermarkets limit membership to those who can prove they receive some form of welfare benefits. These stores, which are flourishing in Europe, sell food that's been rejected by grocers but is still perfectly edible and would otherwise end up in landfills.

Rule Allowing In-Flight Phone Calls Clears First FCC Hurdle

The communications agency's commissioners voted 3-2 to consider new rules allowing voice calls while jetliners are in the air — something that's been forbidden on U.S. flights. But the head of the Department of Transportation says he's "concerned" by the prospect of such calls.

Sriracha Maker Told To Hold Its Sauce For 30 Days

California health officials say bottles of the popular condiment shouldn't be shipped right away so that any micro-organisms inside can be controlled. The producer has also been told to partially shut down its factory to keep smells from irritating neighbors. Will this lead to a "srirachapocalypse?"

Big Jump In Jobless Claims Blamed On Seasonal Factors

Officials say it's difficult to account for shifts caused by factors related to the holidays and separate them from the trends more closely linked to the economy's underlying strengths and weaknesses.

Tagging Along On A Wisconsin Man's Odyssey To Buy Insurance

The Obama administration says the experience is getting better, but what's it really like? We asked Doug Normington of Madison, Wis., to let us peek over his shoulder as he tries to buy health insurance through the federal exchange. After many tries, success.