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Judge: Unredeemed Borders Gift Cards Are Worthless

A Manhattan judge upholds a lower court ruling that $210 million worth of unredeemed gift cards from the defunct book chain are no longer valid.

Bernanke: Economy Still Too Shaky To End Low Interest Rates

Over the past several years, the Federal Reserve has added trillions of dollars to its balance sheet, purchasing bonds in order to stimulate the economy. Many investors have been concerned that when the Fed starts selling off those bonds it could create turmoil in the markets. But in Congressional testimony on Wednesday, Ben Bernanke said the Fed might not sell off those bonds at all.

Go East, Young Marijuana Dealer

A San Francisco dealer quadrupled his income by moving to New York after California legalized medical marijuana.

Bernanke Hints That The Economy Still Needs Help

The Fed chairman cautioned Wednesday that if interest rates were to start rising now, the economy could slump. Meanwhile, the National Association of Realtors said sales of existing homes rose — and would have been even stronger if not for tight inventory.

'Arrested Development' Leads The Charge For Old Brands In New Media

Brands that found their original audiences in traditional, old-media platforms are finding ways to keep going in the world of new media.

'Reinventing The Register' May Take Time For Square

Square is the much buzzed-about digital payments company started by the founder of Twitter. With the launch of a new product last week, we check in on the company's promise to revolutionize how we buy things.

Tech Companies Have A Lot At Stake With Immigration Bill

The tech industry is getting a lot in the Senate's immigration overhaul bill. It increases the number of temporary worker visas for skilled technical workers but the industry is pushing for more, including the end of provisions meant to protect American tech workers from unfair competition. The industry's goals and tactics are antagonizing other groups that want to see the bill pass.