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'The Onion' To Halt Decades-Long Assault On Trees

In December, the satirical news source will stop publishing print editions and shift to being all-digital. Milwaukee Public Radio calls today "a sad day for the sarcastic among us."
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Bottles And Brains: What Wine Tells Us About Consumer Behavior

Do we judge wine bottles by their labels the same way we might judge books by their covers? We explore the psychology behind how wine is marketed and what it says about consumer behavior.


The Enigmatic Pecan: Why So Pricey, And How To Pronounce It?

The weather and demand from China are driving prices up. But how do you say the word pecan? NPR's Melissa Block gets answers from a pecan farmer and a linguistics expert.

Blockbuster Fades Out, But Some Zombie Stores Will Live On

Dish Network announced this week that it will shutter the 300 or so remaining Blockbuster stores it owns across the country. But in some places, dozens of the video stores will have an unlikely afterlife.

October Added More Jobs Than Expected, But Are They Good Jobs?

The monthly jobs report for October showed surprising strength. Employers added 204,000 jobs to payrolls. The unemployment did edge up a bit to 7.3 percent, but that was likely a result of the government shutdown.

In Reversal, CBS Retracts Account From '60 Minutes' Benghazi Source

On Friday, CBS News retracted a key element of an investigative report about the deadly attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, saying the network had been misled. CBS had defended its story for days despite growing doubts about the credibility of the British security contractor it presented as an eyewitness to the attack.

Tech Week: Twitter Takes Off, Audie Cornish In Silicon Valley

In this week's round-up of tech coverage from NPR and beyond, we look back on Twitter's big debut, All Things Considered's week of innovation stories from California and Google's reveal about its mystery barge in the San Francisco bay.

What Really Got Measured In This Month's Jobs Report?

October's jobs report looks good. But many economists believe the economy is becoming too complicated and technologically advanced for the Bureau of Labor Statistics to measure accurately using current methods.

Lost Luggage? Airlines Have Got A Brand New (Electronic) Tag

By 2014, airlines will introduce an electronic tag system that allows you to track your suitcase's exact location on your smartphone during your travels.

More Jobs Than Expected Added, But Jobless Rate Rose In Oct.

Employers expanded their payrolls by 204,000 jobs in October, about 80,000 more than expected. But the jobless rate still edged up to 7.3 percent from 7.2 percent the month before. The unemployment rate appears to have been given a temporary boost by the partial government shutdown.