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Lululemon's Too-Sheer Yoga Pants Reveal Problems In Company's Supply Chain

Lululemon has staked its reputation and justified its high prices on quality yoga gear. But now it's committed a "transparent" mistake. One of its core products, yoga pants, are too sheer. Shoppers aren't happy, and the company has recalled the yoga pants. But the mistake reveals how the company's rapid grown has laid bare a supply chain stretched too thin.

Fed Sees Moderate Growth, Will Continue With Its Stimulus

The Fed is staying the course with its $85 billion monthly bond-buying stimulus. Chairman Ben Bernanke is also expected to answer questions about the banking crisis in Cyprus.

Chinese Solar Panel Maker Suntech Goes Bankrupt

The company, a victim of a worldwide glut in solar panels, missed a $541 million bond payment and was forced into restructuring on Wednesday.

Cyprus Scrambles For 'Plan B' Bailout

The Cypriot finance minister is in Moscow for meetings aimed at securing a Russian alternative to the bailout.

Court:Reselling Books Bought Abroad Isn't A Copyright Violation

The Supreme Court ruled that Americans have the right to resell goods bought and made overseas. This is a win for consumers, but bad news for publishers and other manufacturers who like to price products differently around the world.

Is The Housing Market Finally Back On Track?

For more on the housing industry, Steve Inskeep talks to David Wessel, economics editor of The Wall Street Journal.

Judge Approves Hostess Snack Food Sales

Twinkies, Ho Hos and Ding Dongs will go to a pair of private equity firms. Wonder Bread will be sold to snack food maker Flowers Food. The Beefsteak brand of bread will go to a Mexican company.

Annuities Explained: The Choices And Red Flags

Older Americans and younger boomers may find themselves bombarded with ads for annuities. Annuities are a $200-billion-a-year business for life insurance companies and financial institutions. Kiplinger's Kimberly Lankford explains some of the choices and red flags facing potential investors.