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On Twitter's IPO Day, A Look At How 5 Tech Stocks Have Fared

As eyes turn to the markets on Twitter's first day of trading, NPR wondered how some other tech stocks have performed since their IPOs. Some have soared, some have stumbled.
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Redeveloping Walter Reed

A proposal called "The Parks at Walter Reed" won the bid to redevelop the former Walter Reed Army Medical Center in D.C. into a 3 million-square-foot town center project. We explore the proposal and what it means for the neighborhood and the District.


Super Mario Cut Interest Rates Today And That's Huge News

The European Central Bank is defying expectations by moving more aggressively than expected to boost its member nations' economies and head off potentially dangerous deflation. "Super Mario" Draghi, the ECB's president, is getting much of the credit.

Lululemon Founder: Our Pants Won't Work For Some Women

The yoga clothier had a big public relations problem earlier this year when women complained that some of its pants allowed too much to be seen. Founder Chip Wilson says any woman can wear his company's clothes, but "quite frankly, some women's bodies just actually don't work" in them.

Twitter Makes Market Debut

The New York Stock Exchange is at the center of attention Thursday morning as Twitter goes public at $26 per share. That means company is expected to raise almost $2 billion. For the latest on this highly anticipated IPO, NPR's Zoe Chace talks with host David Greene.

At First Glance, Economy Grew More Than Expected In 3Q

Economists thought the government would say the economy slowed. But the initial estimate shows a slight pickup from the 2.5 percent pace of the second quarter.

Twitter Pops To Around $45 A Share

The social media site expects to raise $1.8 billion. Many are watching to see how it fares and whether there are any problems such as those that plagued Facebook's initial public offering in May 2012.

Twitter Sets IPO Price

Twitter goes public at $26 per share on Thursday. That's up from an earlier planned offering in the $17 to $20 range — and it may signal increased demand from institutional investors like hedge funds. Twitter is valued at just over $18 billion even though it has never turned a profit.

Movie Rating System Measures Gender Bias

Some Swedish movie theaters are introducing the system. The scale grades films based on a concept introduced by the feminist cartoonist Alison Bechdel. Whether a film passes or fails depends on whether any of its named female characters have conversations with one another about something other than men.

Why Do People Agree To Work In Boring Jobs?

In the essay "The Myth of Sisyphus," philosopher Albert Camus — who would have turned 100 on Thursday — explored the nature of boring work. There's new psychological research into why people end up in boring jobs.