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White House Reminds Firms Not To Overlook Long-Term Jobless

President Obama is asking a group of CEOs to pledge not to discriminate against the long-term unemployed. But new research suggests that these job seekers may face an even greater challenge — many of them are not even being considered by employers. Our Planet Money team looks into the research and challenges facing these job seekers.

Tech Leader Quasi-Apologizes For His Nazi Rampage Analogy

After comparing the outrage over the richest one percent to Kristallnacht, venture capitalist Tom Perkins quasi-apologized Monday night. "The use of the word ... was a terrible misjudgment," he said, before noting "I don't regret the message."

New Bipartisan Farm Bill Emerges From Long Debate In Congress

A five-year farm bill will end months of uncertainty for farmers and agriculture workers, its backers say. The Agricultural Act of 2014 would also end a long-criticized farm subsidy program.

U.S. Agencies, Tech Firms Agree To Rules On Surveillance Info

While the agreement gives tech companies more options in publishing data about government requests for information, it also includes several limitations. It's part of President Obama's plan to change how U.S. intelligence agencies handle personal data.
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Shaping The City: Architecture And Empty Spaces

As parking lots, community gardens and abandoned buildings give way to development, we explore the city's disappearing empty spaces.


The Middle Class Took Off 100 Years Ago ... Thanks To Henry Ford?

In January 1914, Henry Ford started paying his auto workers a remarkable $5 a day. Doubling the average wage helped ensure a stable workforce and likely boosted sales since the workers could now afford to buy the cars they were making. It laid the foundation for an economy driven by consumer demand.

NYT: NSA Can Exploit Mobile Apps For Information

According to leaked secret documents, the NSA can scoop up deeply personal data from mobile phone apps. The spy agency also exploits innocuous actions like updating a phone's software.

FAA Orders Safety Checks On Boeing 767 Jets

The agency is concerned about problems that could result in the loss of control of the aircraft. The order affects more than 400 jets.

CEO Of A Bitcoin Exchange Charged With Money Laundering

The charge: That he conspired to sell more than $1 million in bitcoins to individuals who used the virtual money to buy drugs on the Silk Road website.

Making Moonshine At Home Is On The Rise. But It's Still Illegal

Let's be clear: Making spirits at home with plans to drink it remains against federal law, folks. Even so, more and more people appear to be taking up home distilling as a hobby. For some, it's the first step toward a professional, legit operation.