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Tech Week: U.S. Spying, Health Site Blame Game And New iPads

In this week's tech roundup, the revelations from Edward Snowden that the U.S. spied on its global allies, the Apple iPad event and the ongoing fallout over, a system one source described as "too big to succeed."

Twitter Announces Share Price Range For IPO

Twitter announced late Thursday that share prices for its hotly anticipated initial public offering will be between $17 and $20. This is far less than what many analysts were predicting the social media site would list for. With 70 million shares up for sale, the offering should raise about $1.4 billion. According to The Wall Street Journal, this would value Twitter at about $11 billion total.

Icahn Sinks His Teeth Into Apple's Stock Buyback Plan

Activist investor Carl Icahn has increased his stake in Apple and is pushing the company to replace its own stock buyback plan with a much more ambitious proposal. In a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook, Icahn said that, given the size of Apple's cash holdings, its stock buyback should be $150 billion instead of the planned $60 billion.

It's Not Just You: Airline Seats Are Shrinking

American Airlines, United, Air France and a number of other major airlines have been moving toward shrinking the seats in economy class to squeeze one more in each row. Airlines hope that by cramming more people into coach, they can make room for more of the first-class seats, which sell for a lot more money.

What Small Businesses May Lose By Using Online Tools

Digital tools make starting a small business easier than ever. There are apps and websites to incorporate, find lawyers, make payroll, manage HR and marketing. Convenience can come at a price, however, if it means entrepreneurs aren't making personal connections as they establish their businesses.

A Family Bible And Other Heirlooms, Found Online

Genealogy has become a massive industry, from websites like to TV shows like Who Do You Think You Are? But those focus on family lineage. What about the heirlooms and stories that fill the history of a family tree? A North Carolina business is trying to help.

What Happens When You Just Give Money To Poor People?

Kenyans who received money with no strings attached started businesses and bought food for their kids, according to a new study. They didn't spend it on alcohol or cigarettes.

A Diagram Of, Based On The People Who Built It

We used the testimonies of the biggest contractors involved with the application system to create this guide to how the site's various parts work together, and how the complex system for registering you for health insurance is supposed to work.

Twitter Sets Its IPO Price, Valuing Company At Around $11 Billion

Analysts said Twitter is picking a conservative price to avoid a Facebook scenario, where the stock tumbled shortly after its IPO.
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Montgomery County Holds Minimum Wage Hearing Thursday Night

Montgomery County is considering a plan to raise the minimum wage to $11.50, and they're seeking public input on the proposal at a meeting Thursday night.