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Britain's Bookies: Odds Are U.K. Will Stay In E.U.

The polls point to a close Brexit vote on Thursday. But the bookmakers, who've done better than the pollsters recently, say it's more likely that British voters will choose to remain in the E.U.

If Your Job Is To Attract Investments Here, Then 'Brexit' Could Hurt

The U.K. is the largest source of foreign investments in the U.S. Representatives of state economic development teams weigh in on the possible impact of a "Brexit" on business in their states.
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Environmental Outlook: How Public Opinion Has Shifted On Climate Change And Why

For this month's Environmental Outlook: Surveys suggest public attitudes about climate change are often disconnected from education levels and scientific research. Please join us to talk about why we believe what we do on climate change and how money is shaping public opinion.


Federal Judge Strikes Down Obama Administration's Fracking Rules

A U.S. judge in Wyoming said the Bureau of Land Management can't regulate hydraulic fracturing — because more than a decade ago, Congress specifically excluded fracking from federal oversight.

Campaign Finance Report: Trump Does A Lot Of Mixing Business With Politics

Donald Trump's presidential campaign has steered more than $6 million to various Trump companies over the last year. That's within federal campaign finance boundaries, but it raises questions.

Airbag Replacement Backlog Could Take Years To Ease

Tens of millions of U.S. vehicles have Takata airbags that are subject to safety recall. Only 8.4 million airbags have been repaired, and many owners have been waiting months for replacement parts.

Safety Product That Uses Fingerprint ID Likely To Irk Some Gun Owners

An engineer in Detroit is marketing a device requiring fingerprint identification to unlock a gun's trigger. He's an NRA member and a parent who's wary of entering the national gun debate.

From London To The Welsh Coast, Sharp Disagreements On 'Brexit'

The United Kingdom's cultural makeup has shifted many times through the centuries, but for some struggling in England, the latest changes are coming too fast.

Video Of Chinese Bank Employees Being Spanked Prompts Suspensions

Outrage greeted video that showed a trainer going up and down a row of employees, drawing clearly pained reactions from participants he was spanking.

Clinton Stings Trump On Economy: 'We Can't Let Him Bankrupt America'

Hillary Clinton delivered a stinging indictment today of Donald Trump's business record and his economic policy, an effort to undermine what he has billed as one of his chief qualifications.