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Weekly Innovation: A Smart Power Outlet That Can't Shock You

Kids often hurt themselves when they put their fingers into electrical outlets, but the Brio Smart outlet prevents injury by using sensors to differentiate between human touch and an electric plug.

Community College Programs Can Lead To Big Payoffs — In The Right Fields

A study tracking grads from Washington state's schools found those who completed programs longer than a year had more pay and steadier work — especially in health care, technology and skilled labor.

Problems With Your Boss? Try A Chat With The Office Chaplain.

Chaplains have long been present on college campuses and in the military but increasingly they can also can be found in the workplace, specially trained to help employees offload office frustrations.

Should Homeowners With Solar Panels Pay To Maintain Electrical Grid?

Utilities say consumers who put solar panels on their roofs should help pay to maintain the lines that carry the power they sell back into the system. Panel leasing firms say that's anti-competitive.

'People Are Going To Rebel': Slow Pace Of Rebuilding Frustrates Gazans

Three months after the war between Israel and Hamas ended, reconstruction has barely started. Many people still live in half-bombed houses. But there are a few bright spots and a bit of innovation.

Here's Why Retailers Keep Sending You Catalogs

While other things made with paper have become obsolete, Americans received nearly 12 billion catalogs in the mail last year — and they love them, says one business consultant.

Women's Work Is Never Done On The Farm, And Sometimes Never Counted

The percentage of female farmers is climbing — slowly, according to federal figures. But those numbers don't take into account the many new roles women are filling on multigenerational family farms.

More Drinking, Less Buzz: Session Beers Gain Fans

Light beer doesn't have to mean less flavor. A growing trend is offering another option. Session beers emphasize craft-beer taste with alcohol as low as or lower than big-brand light beers.

Stocks Are Battered As Oil Hits Another 5-Year Low

Oil prices have fallen 40 percent over the past six months. OPEC, which is holding production levels steady, said today it expected lower global demand for oil next year.

Detroit's Outgoing Emergency Manager Is Leaving City In Better Shape

Robert Siegel talks with Detroit's outgoing Emergency Financial manager Kevyn Orr on Detroit bouncing back from bankruptcy, what his legacy will be looking back, and what's next for him.