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Electric Car Review Dust-Up May Put Brakes On Tesla Profits

After The New York Times published a scathing review of Tesla's Model S electric car, the automaker's CEO took to Twitter to slam the reporter. Disputed facts aside, the timing of the spat could hurt Tesla, which is under pressure to improve its financial performance.

Comcast To Finish Buying NBCUniversal For $16.7 Billion

Comcast Corp. said Tuesday it will complete its buyout of NBCUniversal from GE for about $16.7 billion, ahead of schedule. Comcast, the nation's largest cable company, has owned 51 percent of NBCUniversal since their $28 billion merger in 2011.

Cruise Ship Triumph Now Being Towed To Alabama; Investigation Announced

Passengers on the cruise ship Triumph, set adrift Sunday after an engine fire, must now wait until Thursday before what was billed as a four-day cruise finally ends. Strong currents pushed the ship an extra 90 miles into the Gulf of Mexico, foiling plans to tow it to Progreso, Mexico. The ship is now headed for Mobile, Alabama.

What to Expect From The President

Even with the election behind him, the stakes are still high for President Obama, with his State of the Union speech. Host Michel Martin speaks with former Democratic speechwriter, Paul Orzulak and Republican strategist, Ron Christie, about what it will take for the President to hit the right notes.

More U.S. Mortgage Holders Keep Up With Payments

The credit reporting agency TransUnion says people who took on mortgages well after the housing bust are keeping up with their payments. In part, that's because lenders have tightened borrowing criteria.

Bookmakers Gamble On Next Pope

Gambling houses have placed odds on who might become the next leader of the Catholic world. At the top of the list of frontrunners are men not from Europe.