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Bidding War Breaks Out For 2 Boston Parking Spaces

The two spaces in Boston's Back Bay neighborhood went for $560,000, according to the Boston Globe. The spaces are on crumbling asphalt in an alleyway.

Business News: A Man, A Plan, A Canal

The Nicaraguan congress has granted a Chinese tycoon the exclusive right to develop a multi-billion dollar rival to the Panama Canal. The bill grants the investor 50 years of control over the potential shipping route — pending a study of its viability.

Can Captain Sunshine Save The Israeli Electric Car Dream?

The electric car company Better Place failed to build the dream it had designed. Its bankruptcy left tech-watchers worried about the stain on the country, which is proud of its image as a startup hotbed. But there may be a savior in the wings.

Why More People Are Renting Tires

"I understand that I'll probably end up paying a lot," one customer says. "But right now, I need the tires."