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A 'Permatemp' Economy: The Ideology Of The Expendable Employee

Nearly 13 million people head to work as temporary and contract employees each year, according to the American Staffing Association. In a piece for The New York Times, sociologist Erin Hatton traces the evolution of the temp industry and argues that it's time to get rid of the "anti-worker ideology that has come to accompany it."

After Driving Past GM In 2012, Toyota Poised To Boost Sales Further In 2013

The Japanese giant recovered last year from the lingering effects of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami that cut into its production. Now, in part thanks to a decline in the value of the yen that makes its products more competitive, it expects further sales gains in 2013.

After Rising To Pre-recession Levels, Stocks Pause; Will Bulls Resume Running?

Though stocks took a breather Monday from their recent rally, there are reasons to think they'll continue their upward move in coming months. Money seems to be moving out of bonds and into stocks, corporate earnings are better than expected and economies overseas are getting back on their feet.

Viral Video On YouTube Leads To Scholarship

The video showed an eagle swooping down and snatching up a baby in a park. The video was a project made at a design school in Montreal. When the school realized the clip was going viral, it activated an AdSense account on YouTube, which gives the school money every time someone watches it it.

Business News: Barnes & Noble, Chinese Gaming

Barnes & Noble plans to close up to a third of its stores over the next decade, according a report in The Wall Street Journal. And in China, the state-run China Daily reports the country is considering lifting its ban on video game consoles.

Federal Agency Funds New Energy Technologies

Renee Montagne talks to Cheryl Martin, deputy director of the Energy Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy. Modeled after the Defense Department's research program, ARPA-E provides grants to researchers developing cutting edge energy technologies that are too early for private sector investment.