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D.C.'s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

A flurry of initial public offerings and investment in local companies has the business world abuzz. Kojo explores why big investors seem bullish on Washington firms.


Tech Week That Was: Surveillance Scope, Apple's Retail Hire

This week's tech news was dominated by revelations about NSA data collection and Apple's hire of Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts. And ongoing problems with sign-up for new health exchanges got us thinking about how Silicon Valley entrepreneurs would have approached the project differently.

India Arrests Crew Of U.S. Ship For Carrying Weapons

Indian authorities say the vessel was intercepted last week carrying arms that had not been declared.

Google Shares Top $1,000 For First Time

Google reported better than expected third-quarter sales and profits, reporting a profit of nearly $3 billion during the third quarter, up nearly 40 percent from a year earlier.

Can GOP, Democrats Come Together On A Budget By Dec. 13?

More than a month before the Jan. 15 deadline on government spending expires, a bipartisan, bicameral committee is expected to produce a compromise budget.

Saguaro National Park Welcomes Return Of Visitors

Now that the partial government has ended, National Parks are being reopened. On Thursday, rangers at Saguaro National Park in Arizona let visitors in to bike and hike the trails. Open during the shutdown was the sector headquarters for the Border Patrol in Tucson.

Post Shutdown, Tourists Are Back In Line To See Liberty Bell

In Philadelphia, tourists in line to see the Liberty Bell are happy the partial government shutdown is over. But they are not looking forward to the possibility of another debt ceiling showdown early next year.

AOL Takes No. 1 Spot For Online Video Ads

AOL, an online company many had given up for dead, is making a comeback. It recently acquired Adap.TV, a company that automates the purchase of video ads. And in September, it topped Google in one category: it had the most video ads watched, with 3.7 billion views.

Apple Hires Burberry CEO To Improve Customer Experience

Earlier this week, it was announced that Apple hired Burberry's CEO Angela Ahrendts to revive its network of Apple stores. Those stores used to provide unique, highly efficient customer service but are struggling now because of competition from other computer stores that have adopted Apple's retail business model.

Van Halen Sues Over Use Of Band's Name

The rockers accuse Kelly Van Halen, ex-wife of Alex, of exploiting her famous last name to promote her own interior design business and kids clothing line.