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What's The Real Deadline For Buying Health Coverage?

With the federally run health insurance exchange at mired in technology problems, there's a lot of talk about how long people who need insurance can wait to buy it. Tardy purchasers face a potential tax penalty.

In Almost Every European Country, Bikes Are Outselling New Cars

For the first time on record, bicycles outsold cars in Spain. More bikes than cars were sold in Italy for the first time since World War II. Indeed, bicycle sales have outpaced new-car sales across the Continent. Is it a long-term trend or just a reflection of the recession in much of Europe?
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Homegrown Halloween Spectacle Sparks Scandal In Silver Spring

Some of Donna Kerr's neighbors love her annual Halloween yard display; others say it has become a real nightmare.

Report: Meat Producers Ignore Pleas For Health, Environmental Reform

A commission evaluating the impacts of animal agriculture says the industry has resisted change. And it says government agencies have failed to regulate the industry's environmental and health practices because of "overwhelming" political influence.

Jobless Claims Dipped Last Week

There were 350,000 first-time claims for unemployment insurance filed, down 12,000 from the week before. But the report seems to be in line with others that indicate job growth remains relatively weak.

Bank Of America Found Liable For Fraud

A jury in New York found Bank of America liable for fraud Wednesday after a monthlong civil trial. The verdict was considered a win for the Justice Department's prosecution of misdeeds during the financial crisis.

'Blockbusters': Go Big Or Go Home, Says Harvard Professor

Anita Elberse's new book, Blockbusters, examines the strategy behind making and marketing megahits. She tells NPR's Renee Montagne that content companies — publishers, movie studios and the like — can create blockbusters by dedicating most of their budgets to a select few likely winners.

Bank Of America Liable For Fraud In Countrywide Mortgages

The verdict in the month-long trial is considered a rare win for the Justice Department in a case stemming from the housing crisis.

Partisan Squabbles Raise Questions Over U.S. Global Influence

The government shutdown didn't help the U.S. on the world stage. But when it comes to political dysfunction, the U.S. is far from alone.

It's Easy To Blame The Canadians For Problems

The company has stumbled, but it's probably not fair to blame CGI for the debacle of the project. CGI may have received the biggest paycheck, but it's just one of 54 subcontractors. The real problem may be a lack of clear direction from its client, the Obama administration.