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Drowning In Debt, Bike Sharing's Bixi Files For Bankruptcy

Montreal-based Bixi, which came up with the bike sharing systems offered in many American cities, has filed for bankruptcy. Renee Montagne talks with Andy Riga of the Montreal Gazette about where things went wrong for Bixi, and the future prospects of its operations in North America.

MIT Housing Survey Focuses On 70 Metro Areas

A new report from the MIT Center for Real Estate forecasts home prices in 60 U.S. cities. Whether housing prices are going up or down depends on where you live.

Wal-Mart Creates Fund To Spur U.S. Manufacturing

The $10 million fund will supply grants to projects aimed at creating new processes and jobs in the sector. The fund will be launched in March, and Wal-Mart will fund the grants for five years.

David's Bridal Goes Upscale Near Beverly Hills

David's Bridal is famously known for carrying inexpensive bridal dresses, some for less than $100. Now the company wants to offer an elevated experience for brides to be — with chandeliers, marble tiling and plush chairs. There will be price tags to match — as much as 2,000.

When A $65 Cab Ride Costs $192

NPR's Lisa Chow was in the car for about an hour, rolling around Manhattan in the middle of a snowstorm. She got the car through Uber, the new service that charges more when demand spikes.

At 30, The Original Mac Is Still An Archetype Of Innovation

In January 1984, Apple aired one of most iconic commercials in Super Bowl history — introducing the Macintosh computer. The marketing helped position Apple as a plucky upstart, and the machine fundamentally changed the way people interacted with computers.

Retailers Can Wait To Tell You Your Card Data Have Been Compromised

The data breaches at Target and Neiman Marcus raised questions over how quickly companies are required to disclose that customer information was hacked. The rules around when a retailer is required to tell you that your data got into the hands of fraudsters vary state by state.

Potential Carcinogen In Colas Has FDA Reviewing Data

A new study from Consumer Reports finds varying levels of 4-MEI –listed as a carcinogen in California — in popular sodas. The chemical is created during the manufacturing of caramel color used to dye sodas brown. Coke has reformulated its sodas to bring down levels, but Pepsi is still transitioning.

What Do Americans Think About Income Inequality?

Robert Siegel speaks with Michael Dimock, vice president of research at the Pew Research Center, about their recent survey on how Americans view income inequality.
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Mark Furstenberg Prepares For New Adventure in Baking With 'Bread Furst'

Baker Mark Furstenberg is often credited with bringing good bread to D.C. Now he's set to launch a new business at age 75.