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Reports: Yahoo Board Approves $1.1 Billion Purchase Of Tumblr

The deal for the blogging site is designed to attract younger users to the ailing Web portal. The Wall Street Journal is basing its report on unnamed sources close to the situation.

The Durability Of Levis, Woven Into America's Fabric

Host Rachel Martin talks with Levis archivist Lynn Downey about the brand's 140th anniversary this month.

Tesla Rides High, But Faces Formidable Foe: Car Dealers

The Model S from electric car manufacturer Tesla has been named Motor Trend Car of the Year. But the company's business model is under attack by a formidable foe: the National Automobile Dealers Association, one of the most powerful lobbying groups in Washington.

Afghan Mineral Treasures Stay Buried, Hostages To Uncertainty

Afghanistan is believed to be home to world-class mineral deposits, valued at up to $3 trillion and offering hope for the country's economic future. But in the current environment of uncertainty, investors are nervous and it could be many years before Afghanistan strikes pay dirt.
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Cross-Cultural (Mis)Understanding

Kojo and diversity consultant Howard Ross explore what it means to be culturally competent -- whether you're a tourist visiting a country for the first time, or an executive closing an international business deal.

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Food Hubs: From Farm To Table

New models are emerging for getting food from farm to fork, including food hubs across D.C.