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Inside The Local Running And Racing Boom

As runners lace up for the next Turkey Trot and Jingle Bell Run, we explore the growing popularity of running in our area and the tensions between serious and casual racers.


Russian App Wants E-Book Piracy To End, Happily Ever After

In an attempt to turn a page on rampant literary piracy in Russia, one Moscow-based company created a subscription e-book service that it hopes will decrease the incentive for free, illegal downloads.

Tech Team Podcast Episode 2: The Sharing Economy

If you missed any of the technology reporting team's reporting on the sharing, (or peer-to-peer) economy, you can catch up with our downloadable podcast of all the stories.

One By One, Businesses Reopen In Typhoon-Hit Tacloban

Since the typhoon hit the Philippines, doing business in the hardest-hit city of Tacloban has been next to impossible But on Wednesday, five gas stations, two hardware stores and several banks reopened.

Johnson & Johnson Said To Reach Deal On Artificial Hip Suits

Johnson and Johnson is expected to pay out $2.5 billion to settle lawsuits over faulty artificial hips. The medical products maker will reportedly pay 8,000 U.S. patients $250,000 each for new hip replacement surgery.

Ohio Wal-Mart Conducts Thanksgiving Food Drive For Its Workers

Employees at a northeast Ohio Wal-Mart are collecting food for needy coworkers' Thanksgiving dinners. The effort has been portrayed as a sign that Wal-Mart unfairly exploits workers. Others see it simply as people helping people.

N.Y. Warehouse Owner Whitewashes Over Graffiti Haven

The paint covered up decade's worth of graffiti. The building, known as 5 Pointz, was one of the few legal places in New York for artists to practice graffiti.

DOJ Signals JPMorgan Deal Could Be Model For Other Cases

The Justice Department on Tuesday announced a landmark $13 billion settlement with JPMorgan Chase. That's the largest settlement the federal government has ever made with a single company. It's three times the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill settlement.

Obama Concedes Botched Insurance Website Rollout Cost Time

The Obama administration is asking for people who've been turned off by the government's problem-plagued insurance website to come back. Officials say the website is working better now, though it's still far from fixed.

When You Hear $13 Billion, Don't See Dollar Signs

Announcements of legal settlements worth hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars, including Tuesday's $13 billion U.S. settlement with JPMorgan Chase, have been common in recent years. Often, though, only a fraction of the amount ends up in consumers' pockets.