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Consumer Confidence Hits Highest Point In Nearly Five Years

Many Americans are feeling more upbeat about the economy, according to the latest report from the Conference Board. That could bode well for the 2012 holiday shopping season.

Some Mixed Signals From Latest Jobs Numbers

Claims for jobless benefits dipped and one measure showed a gain last month in private jobs. But employers also announced more layoffs. The picture may get clearer on Friday, when October's unemployment rate will be reported.

The Complicated Economic Impact Of Sandy

Sandy's economic cost won't be known for weeks or even months, but there are clear financial losers and some beneficiaries from the devastating storm. While airlines, many hotels and small businesses are clear losers, home improvement chains and construction crews will come out ahead. But overall, natural disasters are not good for the economy, despite the activity that rebuilding generates.

GM Quarterly Earnings Exceed Expectations

Even facing economic headwinds in Europe and South America, GM's quarterly earnings came in well above analysts' estimates, and its stock soared.

Japanese TV Maker Sharp Doubles Expected Net Loss

Japanese TV maker Sharp on Thursday doubled its expected net loss for the year to more than $5 billion. The company also raised concerns about its ability to survive on its own. The news comes a day after another Japanese tech giant, Panasonic, forecast a nearly $10 billion loss for the year.

Help Wanted In Switzerland: Hunting Tax Cheats

Switzerland, which is almost synonymous with secretive banking, is looking for more staff to handle a flood of new requests from other countries that are looking for tax cheats. Last year the number of inquiries from overseas tax authorities almost doubled, to more than 700.