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After Blocking Twitter, Turkey Moves To Stop YouTube

Angered by leaks to social media, the Turkish government tries to block access to the video-sharing site just days after attempting to shut down Turkish tweets.

What Raising Tipped Workers' Wages Could Mean For Economy

A new White House report says raising the minimum wage for tip-based workers will be a big help to women. Tell Me More hears from the Cato Institute and the Economic Policy Institute.

Obama Lays Out His Plan To Have Telecoms Store Call Data

The president is asking Congress to work with him on a plan to have communications companies hold "metadata." He wants government investigators to have access to the information with court approval.
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Ward 6: 'The Wharf' Aims To Redefine D.C.'s Southwest Waterfront

Last week, hundreds of Washingtonians attended the groundbreaking for The Wharf: a 24-acre mixed-use development that will dominate one mile of waterfront real estate in Southwest D.C. and could transform that part of the city.


Weekly Jobless Claims Drop, GDP Growth Revised Up Slightly

The news about both last quarter and last week is positive. Fewer people signed up for unemployment insurance last week, and consumer spending was stronger than previously thought in late 2013.

Board Rules Athletes At Northwestern University Are Employees

The decision still must be approved by the full NLRB board in Washington, D.C. The regional director ruled football players at Northwestern qualify as employees and may therefore unionize.

When Everyone Wants To Watch 'House Of Cards,' Who Pays?

Netflix has a problem: So many people want to watch the series, there isn't enough capacity to let everyone watch at once, uninterrupted. And someone has to pay to keep the content running smoothly.

Wu-Tang Clan Unveils Unique Distribution Model

Instead of trying to sell millions of copies of their latest album, the legendary hip-hop artists are just releasing one. They plan to sell it at auction for millions of dollars.

Conn. Lawmakers Pass Minimum Wage Hike Bill

Governor Dannel Malloy says he'll sign the measure. Minimum wage workers in the state won't see their check hit $10.10 an hour until 2017.

Senator Warns Of A Student Loan Bubble

Students are taking on record levels of debt to pay for college. Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, says it's a drag on the economy and is calling for changes to the federal student loan system.