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Man Arrested For Allegedly Trying To Bomb N.Y. Federal Reserve

The FBI says a 21-year-old Bangladeshi man came to the U.S. in January "for the purpose of conducting a terrorist attack on U.S. soil." He made contact with people he thought were al-Qaida operatives, but one of those individuals was an FBI source.

Construction Of New Homes Surges To Four-Year High

It's another sign that the beleaguered housing industry is on the road to recovery. While the numbers are good, they are still below the pre-recession peak.

A123's Bankruptcy Reignites Obama's Green Critics

A123 Systems has filed for bankruptcy. The company makes lithium ion batteries for hybrid and electric cars — or it did. The company's automotive assets are being sold, and the bankruptcy filing will likely be controversial. A123 received a $249 million grant from the government in 2009.

Target Begins Running Holiday TV Ads Early

Traditionally, Target has held off on unveiling its Christmas season ads until after Thanksgiving. Social media has buzzed with shock that the chain was breaching holiday decorum.

Farmers Cautious Of Drought-Resistant Seeds

This summer's dry weather gave a great real-world test for drought-resistant corn, which seed companies are eager to promote. But many farmers worry that these drought-resistant seeds won't perform as well in regular or wet years.

The Brain Of The Beast: Google Reveals The Computers Behind The Cloud

For years, Google has kept mostly silent about the technology that has made it one of the leaders in cloud computing. Now, for the first time, Google has opened the doors of its data centers to the outside.