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This Tax Season, Fraudsters May Target Your Refund

Credit card data breaches get a lot of attention, but payroll system data breaches can have even more damaging effects.

An Intern At 40-Something, And 'Paid In Hugs'

Your boss may be younger than you, your fellow interns may be decades younger, and you work for free. For Renee Killian and Danielle Probst, reconsidering their careers meant interning in their 40s.

Lending Circles Help Latinas Pay Bills And Invest

Participants in these social networks pool their money to give each other informal, no-interest loans. They're called cundinas or tandas, and politicians are taking notice.

The New Mozilla CEO's Political Past Is Imperiling His Present

When Mozilla, best known for the Firefox browser, hired Brendan Eich as its CEO, it ignited a firestorm over free speech and equal rights. Now, the dating site OkCupid is getting involved.

The Long Road To GM's Ignition Switch Recall

Records show that GM knew about faulty ignition switches in its cars at least a decade ago. The first death now linked to the problem happened the same year the company was shedding thousands of jobs.

British Drugmaker Funds Research On Chronic Disease In Africa

As infectious diseases come under control in Africa, other illnesses common in the West are becoming problems. GlaxoSmithKline is opening a research lab to promote research by African scientists.

Feds Will Require Rearview Cameras On Vehicles In 2018

The rule will apply to all new vehicles under 10,000 pounds, which includes small subcompacts all the way to commercial vans. The government says the new rule could save more than 60 lives a year.
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Michael Lewis: "Flash Boys"

American stock exchanges are designed to favor an elite group of high-frequency traders, at the expense of everyday investors. A new book by "Moneyball" author Michael Lewis tells the tale.


Stocks Rise After Fed's Yellen Says Economy's Not So Hot

What may seem like bad news from the central bank chief — "the recovery still feels like a recession to many Americans" — was good news to investors trying to gauge the Fed's next move. Here's why.

Legal Action Initiated Over Malaysian Flight's Disappearance

A Chicago law firm is taking the first legal action against Malaysian Airlines and Boeing, the maker of the 777 that disappeared over the Indian Ocean, on behalf of the families of the passengers.