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Florida Pitches New Facilities To Clinch Spring Training

Over the next four years, five major league teams will be renegotiating their spring training leases in Florida. With millions in economic benefits at stake, local communities and the Sunshine State are looking to upgraded facilities in hopes of keeping teams from moving to other locations in Florida and Arizona.

You Be The Judge: Is The Housing Market Really Improving?

Optimists have had no trouble finding fresh evidence to suggest that the real estate market is recovering. Home sales are at the highest levels in years, borrowing rates are at historical lows, and builders are hiring again. But not everyone is convinced that the sector's momentum has staying power.

Europe's Central Bank Issues Cyprus Ultimatum

The central bank says it will cut off a financial lifeline in four days if Cypriot lawmakers can't agree on a deal to raise $7.5 billion to prop up the country's banks.

Applications For Unemployment Benefits Tick Up; Monthly Average At 5-Year Low

Economists said this means progress in the job market, mostly through a reduction in layoffs.

Shareholders Re-Elect Hewlett-Packard Board Members

HP will celebrate its 75th birthday next year. The company was once a technology giant. But with old products, a lack of vision and a revolving door at the top, the company has been having trouble.

Marmite No Longer In Short Supply In New Zealand

Marmageddon is the term coined by the media to describe the shortage of Marmite in New Zealand, which resulted after the 2011 earthquake in Christchurch damaged the country's only Marmite factory. After many delays, the factory has reopened. Love it or hate it, the dark brown spread made from yeast extract is back on store shelves.

South Korea Investigates Cyberattack

South Korea was hit by a cyberattack Wednesday that took out the systems at the country's banks and television networks. More than 30,000 computers went down. An initial investigation shows a Chinese Internet address was the source of the attack.