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In China, Treasury's Lew Discusses Cybersecurity, Yuan

Steve Inskeep talks to Richard McGregor of the Financial Times about Treasury Secretary Jack Lew's trip to China. He bought a long list of economic agenda items to his meetings with top officials, ranging from cyberwarfare to China's currency controls.

Samsung Is On A Roll, But Can It Beat Apple?

The company's long-term position in the smartphone market is complicated because of its historical association with hardware. One analyst says that what really matters to consumers are the software and new experiences.

Why Cyprus Matters

When you add up all the country's banks, they don't even match the 30th largest bank in the U.S. But people all over the world have good reason to be freaked out over what's happened there this week.

JCPenney Hopes Joe Fresh Partnership Will Reboot Sales With New Customers

JCPenney's latest turnaround idea is an old one — the store within a store. But signing a deal is the easy part — making it work for both parties is the hard part.

Lululemon's Too-Sheer Yoga Pants Reveal Problems In Company's Supply Chain

Lululemon has staked its reputation and justified its high prices on quality yoga gear. But now it's committed a "transparent" mistake. One of its core products, yoga pants, are too sheer. Shoppers aren't happy, and the company has recalled the yoga pants. But the mistake reveals how the company's rapid grown has laid bare a supply chain stretched too thin.