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California Toasts 2013's Record Wine Grape Harvest

Finally there's some good news out of drought-ravaged California. The state's reporting the largest wine grape harvest on record.

Mega Mall Helps Pakistanis Escape Pressures Of Everyday Life

Islamabad's a pretty quiet place at night. That's no big surprise in a capital full of forts and road blocks. But that's not the case at the city's latest landmark, the Centaurus Mall, where Pakistanis, young and old, flock to a place that feels far removed from the problems of Islamabad.

Japan's Central Bank Tries To Encourage More Lending

Japan's central Bank has doubled incentives it offers to banks. The move is meant to weaken the yen which would make Japanese goods more affordable — in turn, encouraging Americans and Chinese to buy those goods.

More U.S. Companies Switch To High Deductible Health Plans

Over-all health care cost increases have slowed dramatically, but consumers may not notice it. Many face higher deductibles, co-pays and out-of-pocket maximums as employers' insurance plans try to encourage them to pay more attention to health care costs. One big problem is health care price information is often not available.

Black Market Tobacco Sales Hurt New York Businesses

Drug store giant CVS has announced it will stop selling tobacco products later this year. Industry watchers say other drug store chains may follow CVS's lead. What does that change mean for New York City's bodegas, newsstands and other small shops?

Battling Blight: Detroit Maps Entire City To Find Bad Buildings

The city has a lot of abandoned buildings, and to decide which ones should be demolished, the federal government and some major foundations started a massive, high-tech mapping project. The new mayor says that's just what he needs to improve the neighborhoods.

Hurting For Cash, Online Porn Tries New Tricks

Online pornography was the cutting edge of e-commerce during the Internet's early days, but its heyday is over. To recoup some of those costs, one porn empire in San Francisco is using data analytics, lifestyle events and new products to keep customers loyal.

Demographic Shifts Contribute To The Changing Face Of Retail

With jobs and populations growing in the cities, it's no surprise that retailers, including Wal-Mart and Target, are trying to adapt their models to suit urban areas. Competition from online stores is also contributing to a changing retail landscape.
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Shaping The City: Outgoing D.C. Planning Director Harriet Tregoning

As head of D.C.'s Office of Planning through the past two mayoral administrations, Harriet Tregoning has had a hands-on role over city policy. We speak with her about her tenure and what's next for her in a new job within the Obama administration.


Compounding Pharmacies Called On To Make Execution Drugs

Pharmaceutical companies in Europe are blocking the sale of drugs used for lethal injection in the U.S. That has states that use the drugs turning to compounding pharmacies to create them. David Miller, the CEO of the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists, talks to Steve Inskeep about why that's problematic.