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Record $614 Million In Penalties Levied As Insider Trading Cases Are Settled

Two hedge funds affiliated with SAC Capital Advisors have agreed to the settlements. They did not admit any wrongdoing.

Power Shift Under Way As Middle Class Expands In Developing World

The economic expansion of the so-called "Global South" is being driven by new trade and technology partnerships, according to a United Nations report. The UN predicts that over the next two decades, economic and political power will shift away from Europe and North America.

More Problems Aboard Carnival Cruise Ships

Passengers stranded in St. Maarten aboard the Carnival Dream are to be flown home, while Carnival Legend limps back to Tampa after a "technical issue" in one of its propulsion units.

Gasoline Pushed Consumer Prices Up Sharply In February

Prices rose overall by 0.7 percent. The major factor: a 9.1 percent surge in gasoline. Since February, though, gas prices have retreated. So economists do not think the latest report changes the inflation picture.

Book News: Geithner Writing 'Behind The Scenes' Story Of The Financial Crisis

Also: Tan Twan Eng wins the Man Asian prize; Aaron Swartz posthumously honored by the American Library Association; Sheryl Sandberg on Madeleine L'Engle.

A Surprisingly Uncontroversial Program That Gives Money To Poor People

The Earned Income Tax Credit has been embraced by every president from Ronald Reagan to Barack Obama.

'Bankers' New Clothes' Leave Too Little Skin In The Game

Anat Admati, finance professor at Stanford and co-author of a new book on American banks, argues that banks carry too much debt and have too little equity. Government support allows them to hide their risky behavior, distorting the economy as a whole, she says.

Could Tapping Undersea Methane Lead To A New Gas Boom?

A giant reservoir of natural gas lies under the ocean floor, and no one had successfully extracted it until this week. Japanese engineers pulled it up through a well from under the Pacific. But there are still lots of unanswered questions about the viability of this new gas supply.