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Shaping The City: Rethinking Planning Rules

Traditional zoning ordinances took hold a century ago to control what was built where, how densely and how tall. We explore how different jurisdictions are rethinking the rules.

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In Era of Streaming, D.C. Film Buff Keeps Video Store Alive

Can a brick-and-mortar video business survive in the era of DVRs and Netflix?

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Trade War In The Caribbean: The Antigua-US Gambling Dispute

Kojo explores the fallout from a World Trade Organization decision to let a tiny Caribbean nation pirate American movies and media as retribution in an international trade dispute.


Existing Home Sales Rise Again; 'Seller's Market Is Developing,' Realtors Say

Sales were up more than 9 percent from a year ago. Realtors report that across much of the nation, would-be buyers are beginning to outpace the supply of homes.

Inflation Was In Check Last Month; Jobless Claims Jumped Last Week

Consumer prices were flat in January. But since then, gas prices have risen sharply. So upcoming inflation reports may not be as positive.

Who's Been Hacked By China? Better Question Might Be: Who Hasn't?

As news continues to come in about evidence of hack attacks from China, more companies and agencies are stepping forward to say they were targets of such snooping. Chinese authorities continue to say the state is not behind the attacks.

American Tech Workers Challenge H-1B Visa Story

Two days ago, Morning Edition aired a story about the H-1B program which grants temporary work visas to foreigners with special skills like computer programming. In the story, it was reported that employers have to show they tried to recruit Americans first. But as it turns out, many companies bypass American applicants.

New York Times Co. To Sell 'Boston Globe'

The company said it wanted to focus on The New York Times — its flagship newspaper. The Times bought the Globe for a record $1.1 billion in 1993.