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Target Hack A Tipping Point In Moving Away From Magnetic Stripes

After the Target and Neiman Marcus data breach compromised credit card data of at least 70 million American consumers, the banking and retail industries are coming to a consensus to move away from the swipe and signature system to the much more secure chip and PIN process available around the world.

Hudson High Jinks: 2 States, 1 Port Authority, Lots Of Politics

The government agency at the heart of the George Washington Bridge lane closure scandal may be little-known outside of the Northeast. But the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey controls a pot of money bigger than the budget of some states.

Spain Exits Bailout In A Sign Of Progress, Not Full Recovery

Spain's banking system is officially marking the end of its reliance on bailout loans from Europe — only the second eurozone country to do so. Although the banking system may be on surer footing, the overall economy — with youth unemployment pushing 60 percent — still has a long way to go.

Small-Batch Distilleries Ride The Craft Liquor Wave

Bacardi, Jack Daniels and Johnnie Walker have some new competition these days. There's been a surge in the number of craft distilleries in the U.S. over the past few years, as more mom and pop entrepreneurs are making liquor for local customers.

Putting The Brake On Who Can See Your Car's Data Trail

Many cars can now track where we are, how fast we go and lots of other nuggets of information that can be accessed and mined. Some lawmakers and at least one car company say it's time to set some rules on driver privacy.

Should Farmers Give John Deere And Monsanto Their Data?

Farmers can now deliver data from their fields, minute by minute, to big agribusiness companies like Monsanto or John Deere. Those companies promise to use the data to help farmers make money. But some farmers worry that it could threaten their privacy and give the big companies too much power.
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The Future Of Your Doctor's Office

As technology costs rise and billing and electronic records become more complicated, many doctors find it hard to afford the costs of remaining independent. We speak with doctors and health care professionals about the future of the doctor's office.


Debate: Is The Affordable Care Act Beyond Repair?

Two teams of medical doctors and political columnists face off over the hot-button health care law in the latest Intelligence Squared debate. Is Obamacare fundamentally flawed or poised to transform the health care system for the better?

Warren Buffett's $1 Billion Basketball Bet Is A Very Long Shot

Quicken Loans and Buffett have teamed up to offer $1 billion to anyone who correctly picks the winners of all 63 games in this year's NCAA Division I men's basketball tournament. But the odds of winning are sky-high.

Long John Silver's Throws Trans Fats Overboard

Last year, the fast-food chain earned the dubious distinction from a health watchdog group of serving "America's worst restaurant meal." Now, Long John Silver's is winning praise for removing all trans fats from its menu.