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'Warren Is In The House,' Buffett Says As He Joins Twitter

The "oracle of Omaha" has joined Bill Gates and other like-minded billionaires in the Twitterverse. Watch for him to share his thoughts in a new way.

Overseas Labor Abuses Prompt Business Shutdown

Host Michel Martin talks to Loretta Tofani, who closed her furniture store after discovering poor working conditions at the Chinese factories that supplied her business. She talks about how she made her decision, and about the factory building collapse in Bangladesh.

Grocery Home Delivery May Be Greener Than Schlepping To The Store

Getting groceries delivered may be the easiest environmentally-friendly thing you've ever done, new research says. Think of it as your food taking mass transit.

Obama Picks Major Fundraiser To Be Next Commerce Secretary

Penny Pritzker, a Chicago business executive, is one of the nation's richest people. She raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the president's campaigns. She also, Obama said Thursday, has "built companies from the ground up."

Weekly Jobless Claims Drop Again, Stay Near 5-Year Low

There were 324,000 first-time claims for unemployment insurance last week, down 18,000 from the previous week's 342,000. Numbers on April's unemployment rate and job growth are due to be released Friday.

Deal To Protect Bangladeshi Factory Workers Still Elusive

After deadly disasters in clothing factories, labor activists are trying to persuade at least two more retailers to agree to improve working conditions in Bangladesh. Two retail giants have already signed onto a proposal that would mandate that fire and safety inspections be made public and require retailers to pay for needed factory repairs.
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How Pizza Explains The Washington Region

We explore the craft of making great pizza and what our area's pizza scene says about the region as a whole.


The Federal Deficit Is Actually Shrinking

The Congressional Budget Office projects the deficit will drop below 4 percent of GDP next year and below 2.5 percent in 2015. Still, despite the improvement in the short run, the federal government faces long-term deficits, mostly tied to health care costs.