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For The Modern Man, The Sweatpant Moves Out Of The Gym

High-end sweatpants are becoming a staple in an increasing number of men's wardrobes. It's part of a global fashion trend called "athleisure," where gym clothes find their way out of the workout room.

The Risky Boom In Carefree Social Payment Apps

Lots of young adults are using apps like Venmo to settle all kinds of debts. As the apps get more popular, they've become targets for scammers and hackers. But that hasn't seemed to scare away users.

California Farmers Gulp Most Of State's Water, But Say They've Cut Back

Farms in California use as much as four times the water consumed by cities and towns. Now farmers are on defense after the governor decided to mostly exempt them from new, sweeping water cutbacks.

Many Obamacare Policyholders Face Tax Surprises This Year

Depending on the size of the subsidy they got, some will get a bigger refund than expected and others will owe taxes.

Uber Makes Strong Gains In Corporate Expense Reports

In the first quarter of 2015, the ride-sharing service accounted for 46 percent of rides expensed by workers, according to a report. Its market share in the same period last year was 15 percent.
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Closing A Loophole Or Raising Taxes? Maryland Hotel Tax Bill Moves Forward

A bill that has passed the Maryland Senate and that is making its ways through the House of Delegates would apply the state's sales tax to hotel bookings made through third-party sites like Expedia.


In Movie Piracy Case, Australian ISPs Are Ordered To Share Customers' Info

It's being called a landmark ruling in Australia, where delayed film release dates are blamed for helping create one of the highest rates of Web piracy in the world.

A New Internet Domain: Extortion Or Free Speech?

New Web suffixes have popped up in recent years to supplement .com and .net. One of the newest — .sucks — has companies worried their reputations will take a hit, so they're buying up the addresses.

Farmers, Trade Association Debate Merits Of Organic Marketing Fund

The fast-growing organic sector has no succinct motto like "Got milk?" A trade group wants growers to help pay for one, but the idea is splitting farmers, processors and marketers into factions.

States Tout Crowdfunding As The Future Of Private Investment

Many states want to boost their economies through business startups. But outside of Silicon Valley, funding for private investors is hard to get. States are giving equity crowdfunding more attention.