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Facebook To Mark Fake News As Satire

The headline, Obama To Cut Costs By Packing Lunch Every Day For U.S. Populace, is a fake. To make sure you know that, Facebook is going to put the word satire in front of some links in your newsfeed.

Pittsburgh Health Care Giants Take Fight To Each Other's Turf

Highmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center worked together for decades. But tensions have prompted a split and uncertainty in Pittsburgh's health care market.

Teens And Mall Culture: The Fading Love Affair?

Teens used to be all over malls, working the registers and wandering the walkways. But now fewer of them have retail jobs and it appears they prefer tech goodies at home to going to the mall.

Russian Government Feels Pressure From Western Sanctions

David Greene talks to Izabella Kaminska of the Financial Times about the sanctions the West has imposed against Russia for its moves into Ukraine. In retaliation, Russia has imposed sanctions too.

Smartphone Users Might Be Reaching App Saturation

A new survey indicates the number of smartphone users who do not download any apps has jumped more than 10 percent in the past year to about a third of all users.

Mom's App Gets Revenge On Kids Who Ignore Messages

A Texas mom developed an app called Ignore No More, which locks a kid's phone until someone calls mom to unlock it.

For Food Startups, Incubators Help Dish Up Success

Demand for specialty and artisanal foods is booming, and new entrepreneurs want to get in on the action. Incubators can provide shared commercial kitchen space and tips on sales and distribution.

More Military Families Are Relying On Food Banks And Pantries

A survey by Feeding America, a network of U.S. food banks, found that one-quarter of all U.S. military households used a food pantry in 2013. But service members are often reluctant to seek such help.

Casinos Worry As More Navajo Communities Go Smoke-Free

Dozens of Navajo communities have passed resolutions banning smoking in government buildings and work places this year. But some casino operators worry the measures will drive customers away.

Massive, Pricey Casino Fails After Two Years Of Operation

In September, the $2.4 billion Revel Casino will shut down for good in Atlantic City. The casino has gone bankrupt twice, but what will become of its 3,200 employees when its doors finally close?