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Private Equity Firm Buys 'Ebony' And 'Jet' Magazines

Ebony and Jet were once recognized worldwide as chroniclers of the black American experience — especially black achievement. Johnson Publishing is selling the magazines to black venture capitalists.

What A 'Goodnight Moon' Spinoff Tells Us About Copyright Law

Our reporter wanted to write a prequel to Goodnight Moon. He ended up on the phone with lawyers.

With Payday Loans Burying Borrowers, Community Tries Alternatives

Some experts say there are better, cheaper alternatives for getting small dollar loans than payday loans, which are often cash sources of last resort.

Orlando's Tourism Industry Hopes To Overcome A Nightmarish Week

Orlando is one of the most popular U.S. destinations, with more than 66 million visitors last year. Tourism officials hope the shooting attack won't deter people from coming to its theme parks.

Assault Rifle Bans Find Life On State Level

Semiautomatic rifles like the AR-15 and SIG Sauer MCX, which was used in the Orlando shooting, are no longer banned nationally. States, though, are finding success in passing laws restricting them.

Go Ahead, Shop For That Car; The Fed Is Leaving Interest Rates Very Low

The Federal Reserve left interest rates unchanged at very low levels. Fed policymakers expressed worries about job growth, so they did not want higher rates to further cool hiring.
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Changing Roles And Workplace Policies For Fathers

Guest host Lisa Desjardins and a panel of guests discuss how fatherhood today is different than for previous generations and what that means for families, workplaces and society.


Can The Soda Industry's $4 Million Ad Blitz Fend Off A Sugary Drink Tax?

Philadelphia's City Council on Thursday will vote on a 1.5 cents-per-ounce tax on sugary beverages, as well as on diet sodas. Big Soda is spending big bucks on ads to sway public opinion against it.

Despite Overdose Epidemic, Georgia Caps The Number Of Opioid Treatment Clinics

Georgia has stopped licensing new clinics that provide medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction. Some call the state's move irresponsible. Others say the clinics aren't regulated enough.

Economic Asteroids! No Interest Rate Hike Expected From Fed Yet

As Fed Chair Janet Yellen tries to chart a course forward for the economy, there are some warning lights blinking on her radar. Wages are rising but there are worries that job growth may have stalled.