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What Does 'Raw' Mean? When It Comes To Almonds, You Might Be Surprised

By law, all California almonds must be pasteurized or treated with a fumigant — processes aimed at preventing foodborne illness. But critics say the treatments taint flavor and mislead consumers.

LA City Council Votes To Raise Minimum Wage To $15 By 2020

The increase — from $9 per hour — could cover as many as 800,000 people. LA is the biggest U.S city to raise its minimum wage to $15.

Takata Expands Airbag Recall To Nearly 34 Million Vehicles

Takata, the Japanese airbag manufacturer, has agreed to expand the number of vehicles with defective airbags to nearly 34 million, according to U.S. federal regulators.

Takata Agrees To Declare Air Bags Defective In Nearly 34M Vehicles

The problem lies with Takata air bags that can potentially explode, sending metal shards flying into the compartment. The recall is believed to be the largest in NHTSA's history.

Saving The Sweetest Watermelon The South Has Ever Known

The Bradford boasted sweet flesh so coveted, 19th-century growers turned to guns and poison to thwart thieves. The melon all but vanished by the 1920s. Now a descendant of its creator is reviving it.

How Medicare Advantage Investors Profited From Loose Government Lips

When the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services sent a memo to insurers saying government audit policies could be relaxed, investors privy to the news pounced, sending shares upward.

Highway Trust Fund Is 'Broke,' Ex-Transportation Secretary LaHood Says

Lawmakers face a deadline to fund federal highway and mass transit repair. One option is to increase a gas tax. Former Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood talks to Steve Inskeep about his ideas.

Why Turkish Motorists Can't Get A Break On Gas Prices

Inflation is coming down and the foreign trade deficit is shrinking but Turks aren't seeing any relief at the pumps. Lower fuel costs have been undermined by the country's declining currency.

Amtrak Train Derailment Highlights Delays Installing Safety Controls

The delay in installing the automated control system that may have prevented last week's Amtrak derailment in Philadelphia is being blamed on not enough funding and complex design issues.

FAO Schwarz Closing Flagship Store In Midtown Manhattan

The toy retailer has maintained a presence at Fifth Avenue and 59th Street for decades. In July, it will close its doors. Company officials are looking for a less expensive location in Manhattan.