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Are Humans Really Headed To Mars Anytime Soon?

Public passion is all well and good, but it will take more than big talk to get to Mars by 2025, space specialists say. Even several rockets' worth of cash won't easily solve the technical challenges.

FEMA's Appeals Process Favored Insurance Companies Almost Every Time

It's the latest step in a growing controversy after thousands of homeowners said insurance companies lowballed damage estimates and insurance insiders called the appeals process "rigged."

What Cockroaches With Backpacks Can Do. Ah-mazing

Researchers are developing technology to control the movement of cockroaches. Strapped with electrodes and sensors, these insects we often loathe could be used for disaster relief or surveillance.

Excitement Over Mexico's Shale Fizzles As Reality Sets In

Mexico has opened up its oil and gas fields to foreign investors. But they're slow to enter, as low oil prices, drug violence and other challenges trump the lure of a vast and undeveloped shale bed.

Looks Matter: A Century Of Iconic Food Packaging

Many of the boxes, bags and bottles that contain our edibles were once groundbreaking — both in their design and in how they changed our perception of what's inside. Designers tell us their favorites.

Pew: Nearly One-Third Of Americans Hide Information Online

While Americans are deeply divided over whether government surveillance is serving the public interest, one-third of those surveyed are taking steps to hide their personal information online.

With Sunny, Modern Homes, Joseph Eichler Built The Suburbs In Style

The developer was known for well-crafted tract homes that dotted California suburbs after World War II. "The architecture really does inform the way you live," says Eichler homeowner Adriene Biondo.

Airlines Are Not The Best At Estimating Flight Times

The 6 million domestic flights taken last year generated 115 million minutes of delays. NPR's Rachel Martin asks data expert Mona Chalabi of what's behind all those delays.

The Fate Of The World's Chocolate Depends On This Spot In Rural England

Cocoa is unusually susceptible to disease. Every year, a third of the crop is destroyed, even as the appetite for chocolate grows. That's why the world needs the International Cocoa Quarantine Centre.

Smell Something Different At The Gym? It Might Not Be What You Think

Scent can affect how customers view a business, how long they spend shopping and how much money they spend, research shows. Businesses from stores to fitness clubs are convinced scents make sense.