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What Germans Know Could Help Bridge U.S. Workers' Skill Gap

American job training programs are failing to turn out enough skilled workers to fill job openings in the U.S. That's puzzling to some Europeans, who have a different system for training workers.

Don't Run Out For Caviar Yet, But Wages Are Heading Higher

Hourly wage gains of 2.2 percent are exceeding the annual inflation rate, raising hopes that Americans will soon be able to spend more at retailers, car dealers and other businesses.

Tech Week That Was: Women In Tech, Bitcoin's Man And SXSW Begins

NPR's Women in Tech month launched with daily Twitter conversations, Newsweek says it found the mysterious founder of Bitcoin, and 30,000 flock to Austin for South by Southwest Interactive.

February Jobs Numbers Give Some Economists Reason To Smile

The February jobs report was better than expected, as employers added 175,000 jobs. The unemployment rate ticked up to 6.7 percent, though, as people who'd given up on finding work were drawn back.

After Newsweek 'Outs' Purported Bitcoin Founder, Questions Follow

A Newsweek cover story explores the identity of "Satoshi Nakamoto," the purported founder of the digital currency Bitcoin. Though it's drawn doubt and controversy, Newsweek is standing by its story.

Lawmaker Wants To Ban Orcas At San Diego's SeaWorld

The California Democrat, who was inspired by a controversial documentary, says the killer whales are too large and too intelligent to be confined.

A Native American Tribe Hopes Digital Currency Boosts Its Sovereignty

Members of the Oglala Lakota Nation have made their own digital currency — a sort of Bitcoin. They hope that having their own crypto-currency, called MazaCoin, will strengthen their independence.

Why All This Fuss Over Satoshi Nakamoto Is A Boost For Bitcoin

The media frenzy over the alleged founder of Bitcoin appeals to universal human curiosity. Mystery, intrigue, a dash of conspiracy! If that's not enough to turn Bitcoin into a household word, what is?

MasterCard, Visa Team Up To Improve Payment Security

The credit-card rivals will join others in the industry to push chip technology to replace the more vulnerable magnetic stripes on most cards in the U.S.
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The Changing Nature Of Workplace Benefits

We explore changes in workplace benefits like pensions and health care, as well as what health care reform means for those who are locked into a job for the benefits.