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Glitch Causes Foreclosure Settlement Checks To Bounce

In recent days, the government began sending out checks to about 4 million people whose homes fell into foreclosure during the housing crisis. It's part of an agreement with banks accused of making serious errors in processing those foreclosures. The independent company the government hired to oversee the payment process says it's fixed the glitch, and the money is now there.

Despite Flaws, Harvard Economists Stand By Research

At what point does debt start to drag down an economy? Harvard economists Carmen Reinhart and Ken Rogoff have argued that a debt to GDP ratio of 90 percent is a red line of sorts. That idea is under attack with economists from the University of Massachusetts charging that Rogoff and Reinhart used selective data to make their case.

Newtown, Ct., Businesses Suffer After Nearby School Shooting

Four months after tragedy struck in the Sandy Hook neighborhood of Newtown, a once-thriving business district in the center of town is struggling. Visitors aren't comfortable shopping and eating just a mile from what used to be Sandy Hook Elementary School. But shop and restaurant owners are doing their best to move forward and bring back customers.

American: 'Near Normal' Flights After Day Of Delays

Thousands of flights were canceled or delayed on Tuesday due to a glitch in the airline's computerized reservations system.

American Airlines Grounds All Flights Due To Computer Glitch

The airline says a glitch in its computerized reservation system caused planes to be grounded for two hours.

IMF Lowers 2013 Economic Growth Forecasts

The International Monetary Fund has lowered its projections for global economic growth, including in the United States, citing sharp cuts in government spending and the struggling eurozone.

Housing Starts Surged In March; Pace Is Fastest In 5 Years

The news is another sign that the housing sector's recovery continues. Also Tuesday, there was word that consumer prices fell 0.2 percent in March. The decline was led by a 4.4 percent plunge in gas prices.