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For TV Advertisers, A Hunt For Live Audiences

Advertising deals for the upcoming television season are now being negotiated. Jeanine Poggi, TV reporter for Ad Age, says that in an era of time-shifted viewing, advertisers are in hot pursuit of the people who watch TV live.

The Economy Takes A Dip, But Analysts Look For It To Snap Back

The latest U.S. report showed growth shrank in early 2014, but talk of a recession is unwarranted, economists say. They blame a harsh winter and say strong consumer spending signals a rebound.

Ford Recalls 1.4 Million Vehicles For Various Defects

The recalls include 1.1 million SUVs with power steering defects, 200,000 Taurus sedans with a corrosion issue and 82,500 vehicles with floor mats that might interfere with the accelerator.

Google's White Male-Heavy Staff Underlines Tech's Diversity Problem

After years of stalling, Google released a demographic breakdown of its staff that shows the company as 70 percent male and 61 percent white.

U.S. GDP Fell 1 Percent; First Drop In 3 Years

Government analysts blame the first-quarter slump on "a significant decline in inventory investment," especially among car dealerships. Jobless claims fell by 27,000 last week, to 300,000.
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D.C. Council Approves Tax Cuts, But Not Without Controversy

Income tax rates for many D.C. earners would go down as part of a plan that got initial approval on Wednesday, but would make up that revenue by taxing businesses and making other cuts.


Apple's Beats Acquisition Could Facilitate Streaming Service

Recording artists worry that the $3 billion deal to buy Beats Electronics and Beats Music will push Apple to do more streaming. Artists make more money selling downloads and less on streaming outlets.

Russia-China Natural Gas Deal Likely To Reshape Energy Markets

The $400 billion gas deal between Russia and China marks Moscow's pivot to Asia. Analysts say the deal could impact projects in the works targeting Asia by other nations, including the U.S.

For $3 Billion, Apple Buys Dr. Dre's Beats Electronics

The deal brings hip-hop producers Dr. Dre and Jimmy lovine into the Apple fold. And it also marks a strategic shift for the company, which has always eschewed splashy acquisitions.

Authors Angered Over Amazon's Dispute With Publisher Hachette

Amazon wants better terms for print and e-books and is refusing pre-orders for upcoming Hachette books, and slowing delivery for those already ordered. Authors are complaining on the Internet.