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Cash Crunch Prompts Controversial Sales At Chicago's Field Museum

The museum, already hard-hit by the economic crash, didn't meet projected fundraising and attendance numbers, and now must make up a $5 million budget deficit. The shortfall forced it to sell some items in its renowned collection.

New U.S. Trade Representative Faces Big Challenges Abroad

President Obama has named Michael Froman, a trusted adviser on international economic issues, to be the next U.S. Trade Representative. Froman will try to complete two giant trade deals that are in the works. But Froman's job won't be easy.

Employment Numbers Tell Us A Lot (But Not That Much)

The jobs report for April showed stronger job creation and a four-year low in the unemployment rate, sending stocks soaring. But the monthly numbers, while encouraging, are bound to be revised. That suggests that perhaps we're paying too much attention to them.

Reality Check: Strapped States Cutting Unemployment Benefits

During the recession, states have run up a $30 billion debt to Washington because they haven't had enough funds to cover unemployment checks. Now they're cutting benefits at the same time federal payments are being reduced because of the sequester.

The Changing Face Of The Working Poor

The latest employment figures are out and they show gains in hiring. The Wall Street Journal's Sudeep Reddy joins host Michel Martin to talk about the report, and the millions of working Americans who still fall below the poverty line.

How A Distillery Ages Bourbon In Days, Not Years

With bourbon sales growing fast, small distillers are looking for ways to get their product to market faster. One Cleveland company has come up with a way to shrink the aging process from years to just days, while also cashing in on the craze for all things local.