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Hobart 'Hobie' Alter Introduced Surfing To The Masses

Hobie Alter, who was considered the Henry Ford of surfboards, has died at age 80. He used foam to make surfboards that traditionally had been created from balsa wood.

Japan's Industrial Output Falls 2.3 Percent

Factories were apparently bracing for the fact that the country's sales tax went up Monday for the first time in 17 years — from 5 percent to 8 percent.

Apple And Samsung Face Off In Court Again Over Patents

Each company claims the other one has swiped its patents. This time Apple is going after patents in the Android operating system that run Samsung's Galaxy S3.

David Crisp To Be Sentenced In Massive Mortgage Fraud Case

Steve Inskeep talks to Gary Silverman of the Financial Times about a real estate fraud scheme that helped make Bakersfield, Calif., one of the home foreclosure capitals of the country.

Amid Pushback, Colorado Gun Control Measure Goes On Trial

Activists have sued to halt the state's ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines. The trial, which begins this week, leaves the law in limbo.

Obamacare Rolls Into N.H. Like A Political Campaign — And Wins

In New Hampshire, where the Affordable Care Act remains unpopular, the state has exceeded expectations for insurance enrollments. Credit goes, in part, to a grass-roots campaign to sign people up.

When Planning For The Future, Women Have Been Hands Off

Women earn more than ever but their attitude about investing hasn't kept pace. They lack confidence, experts say, and fear they, like Cate Blanchett's character in Blue Jasmine, will run out of money.

By Any Other Name, Does Vermont's Maple Syrup Taste As Sweet?

Forget "Grade A" — Vermont has a new system for grading maple syrup. The state hopes names like "Delicate" and "Robust" will educate consumers, but some residents are just plain confused.

Why Paper Prescriptions Are Going The Way Of Snail Mail

Medicine's shift from paper to computers has been painful and expensive. But now doctors can easily write and transmit prescriptions by computer, saving money and improving the quality of care.
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Robots Boost Production At Dogfish Head Brewery Three-Fold

One of the region's biggest brewing operations is getting even bigger with an expanded bottling operation.